Teamsters Gone Wild

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bill, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Bill

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    The Teamsters are really "exposing" themselves now. First they cut the pensions in Central States. Employees in CS griped, but no one else did. Then the Western Conference pension took a cut even though they are 100% funded, followed by Local 804 in New York. They are now griping. The New England fund is in trouble. It is just a matter of time before the domino effect. Every pension plan that the Teamsters control is in trouble and serious cuts have taken place with more coming in the near future. The Teamsters act as if the pension money is theirs, as they have put many restrictions on our money. Examples are the requirements to work until age 65 without incurring a penalty, and not being able to take another job. The Teamsters have no solutions to the problem. All they can do now is instill cuts to the plan as a way of solving the dilemma that they are in. We must act now and put a stop to this before it gets to the point of no return, if it isn't there already. We have an alternative. The APWA is a new group that is forming a union for UPS people only. We need your vote to replace the Teamsters with an honest union that will work for the hard working UPS people. The Teamsters are "stripping" you of your medical and pension funds. How much more will you take before you open your eyes?
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    Like most people the average Joe at Ups will wait for someone else to take of the issue. Lets just see what will happen tommorow,next week,next year then after the next contract ? The parttimers, new drivers and the 22.3 people are so far away from receiving anything they don`t seem to concerned anyhow ! So we are looking at so many people who just don`t care what the teamsters do and thats what effects the future of our foundation. Now you know why the teamsters keep on screwing with you folks is because you let them !!!!!!! Look at the new partimers wage of $8 to $8.50. Who do you think allowed that to happen ? Now thats who i want representing me at the local when i have had a accident or get fired because of a overzelous manager. Folks its time to wake up and put your thinking caps on and decide if you want to be a follower or a leader ? Because right now all your doing is being pulled by the reigns in the teamster direction. Unless your pension is like Dragracer66 that is 124% funded and not run by Hoffa you will be experiencing future cuts !!!!!!! Do you want to regret this decision for the rest of your working life to retirement. You have to step up to the plate to be a leader and not a follower !
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    Hey Goose.....My union isn't perfect either!!!!
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    I agree with engineer 79 and wildgoose. Everyone should seriously look into the APWA and send them $150. The Teamsters have already cut more than that amount from a lot of Pensions. Now we they are wanting to cut your Medical so you are going to spend the $150 somewhere might as well give it a try the APWA way.
  5. DorkHead

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    I have visited the APWA website and have read what they propose for a contract. Count me OUT.
  6. softshoe

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    Please send that $150.00 to me. I'm sure I can put that money to good use.
  7. over9five

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    "Please send that $150.00 to me. I'm sure I can put that money to good use."

    Throwing it away either way...
  8. wildgoose

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    May not be perfect but your pension will help forget any wrongs !!!!!!!!!!
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    :thumbup1: Amen Brother that group is a bunch of union-busting sob's I will avoid them like a bad case of herpes:laugh: :thumbup: BC
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    How can they be union busting sobs when all they are doing is trying to make a union of UPS people only and not every other company in the US.
  11. mittam

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    we will be signing cards soon to vote for the APWA I encourage all to sign it and get it turned back in. If we take control we will be able to save our pensions, if we don't then plan on working till you die.
  12. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Pipe dream.
  13. B-Brown

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    Will this insure that our contract is no longer negotiated behind closed doors? If so, count me in. I DO NOT trust Jim Hoffa, nor our local clown, Jim Merritt.

    The Teamsters have done all this to themselves. How the hell do you expect to keep the Union thriving when the starting wage has stayed the same for 19 years and dues are dependent on a percentage of wages, especially when the turnover rate at UPS is extremely high?
  14. Dutch Dawg

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    Oh cripes sakes....I thought this thread was a promo for a new Teamster Girl Gone Wild Video and then I find it's the same ole same ole. What a dissappointment.
  15. wildgoose

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    You mean a video of Hoffa`s house or Hoffa going to the bank with bags of money surrounded by his goon squad ! Hoffa at a strip club using Central States strike fund ? :lol: He is totally legit isn`t he !!!!!!!!! ? He can probably sell snow to the eskimoes too ? I know we are not worthy !!!!!
  16. sendagain

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    There will have to be 22 people coughing up $150 just to cover my pension for one month.
  17. wildgoose

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    After seeing what the teamsters do after each election ? Thats when the changes take place. Talk about sneaky ? Ask local 804 out of New York ! Western confernce
    was another success story after the fact ! Whats next ? You have to know more things are going to happen especially with Central States. More people outside of our fund receiving benefits so that will take it down even more ! Not only will the pension be more compromised wait till the insurance plan has a monthly fee of $200 + added. What will it take to see the lack of representation ? It comes down to that their there to represent you when you fall and that i`ve seen is mediocre at best. The teamsters are on a slow slide and its proof they have less and less to work with in negotiations. How do you defend the fund being underfunded and say that they need to take care of other defunct company former emloyees and the company should carry them ?:confused:1 You know the company will be shaking their head in confusion and say well you the teamsters were representing them you figure it out ? Bottom line is the teamsters set themself up for this situation and now they are scrambling to save face !!!!
  18. satellitedriver

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    The teamsters will only cough up $ 1700.00 a month after my 25 years of service.
    Good thing you got out early.
    Dues do not pay your retirement check. Ups payed in for you not the teamsters. Upsers are unhappy with the fact that we receive only 40 cents on every dollar that UPS gives the teamsters for our future benefits.
  19. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Your right. The teamster promise has gone up in smoke.
  20. Bill

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    What specifically is it that you don't like