Teamsters Leaders Get Top Dollar, Group Says

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by my2cents, Sep 14, 2002.

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    One can find this data from OLMS Internet Public Disclosure Room. To do a quick search on the IBT, their file number is 000093.
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    Although I'm no fan of TDU I do applaud them greatly for efforts like this. I also am upset that these same officials can also draw multiple retirements while we can't even enjoy a 2nd career after we retire.

    Wake UP UPS Teamsters!
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    I share the same sentiments wkmac. I thought their "Vote on Dues" campaign a few months ago was the right approach as well. Otherwise, you have unchecked power grabs.
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    Bret Caldwell, a spokesman for the Teamsters, did not dispute the facts in the report. But he defended the pay packages, saying Teamster officials' salary levels are set by the members.

    When was the last time the members "voted" on the IBT chief's pay packages.

    Give me a break!
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    The officers themselves are members to. Kinda like how Congress votes themselves pay raises in the middle of the night.
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    There are a lot of simularities. [​IMG] Except the companies use middle men called lobbiests with the government.
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    The accoutability TDU provides would be ok if they weren't so hell bent on gaining control by destroying your solodarity. My opinion from the outside.
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    Today's unions exist via special privileges gained by lobbying. Organized labor's unconstitutional Magna Carta, the National Labor Relations Act is all the proof I need. Additionally, and according to my copy of Unfree Speech by Bradley Smith, the first PAC's were formed by unions back in the 1940's.