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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 705red, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. 705red

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    Last Sunday we held our nomination meeting for candidates to run for local 705 office. We had 4 slates receive nominations.

    Steve Pocztowski slate which is the current leadership. This slate negotiated better contracts for UPS members than the national, better contracts for freight and have not accepted YRC's 2nd proposal of an additional 5% wages cut and no pension contributions.

    Howard/Bennett slate, please if anyone knows who these two people are please let me know! I did see a sign with his picture on it but I have no idea what their visions are for this local!

    The Tony DiDanato slate! This guy runs every 3 years for the last 20 and has never even competed in the elections previously, don't bother looking into this slate, they wont receive more than 200 votes.

    Mike Moore and the Teamsters for change slate. This is a group of has beens that where voted out 2 elections ago for not representing the members with a few new faces. But really what has changed as their slogan suggests?

    My prediction! The Steve Pocztowski slate will double the other 3 slates combined in votes, and thats with a low turnout. But we are out campaigning to get everyone involved this election.

    Ballots will be mailed out Novemebr 9th and have to be received by December 4th 9am at the office, ballots will be counted December 5th in the auditorium in front of the members. This process is open for all to witness and is handled by an independent election judge and her staff.
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    Here`s a pic I took in the yard of Mr Bennett (pardon the cell phone quality) catching some on the clock rest. No he was not on his cell phone. Is this how hard he`ll work for the union?
  3. 705red

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    Cach yesterday evening we campaigned at Palatine. I arrived there about 345pm with sort start time of 550pm. All the twilight Stewards and preload stewards came in to help and we where putting together our fliers, buttons and pens. We where approached with in minutes of walking in the building and asked to move outside. We had no intention of campaigning in the building only setting up. Yet they allow Bennet to campaign on the clock and Mike Moore has been campaigning at the Jeff st building for weeks.

    Steve has already filed several slander lawsuits against the Teamsters for change slate for calling him a thief and accusing him of giving everyone $10,000 raises to donate back to the campaign.

    This same slate has called Juan and asked if we could come to an agreement and not campaign at the same buildings that they are at the same time! LMFAO!!!!

    They spew lies and got chased out of Palatine when they started these lies. I have two weeks off in November and all in doing is sitting waiting for the call on where these knuckleheads are at and I will be standing right there calling them on their lies.

    Have you seen the fliers at cach in the lunch room where they actually call an agent a names? What happened to running on your record? On your vision for this local? Thats why these dirt bags got voted out 6 years ago and dot their rear ends handed to them last election again. This time its time to finish them off for good!
  4. cachsux

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    I`ll see if I can snag one of their campaign fliers and post it on here. It`s more along the lines of a high school election rather than the leadership of a union.
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    Who was the homecoming queen?
  6. Red Dawn

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    On October 17 local 767 had it's first debate. Only 2 of the three slates participated .(Third slate only has 3 out of 7) Have to say it was a proud day for teamster! The members got to submit questions to slate and get to hear their views. No mudslinging, weelll kinda, one or two shots here and their. But no yelling fighting, crowed was just as respect full. A few errors on the mediator fault, but again it was everyone's first time.

    After debate we had food served and members got to eat and hear more form each slate. All in the same room. Your never see democrats and republican supporter all in a small room after debate w/o fighting a bickering. Nothing but smiles threw out the crowed. Candidate where even campaigning with-in arms reach of each other and still no mud slinging.At the end everyone shook hands and wished each other good luck.

    In the end we are all teamster, and no one forgot that!

    think their is some pics on the web-page
  7. Dragon

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    Who was the homecoming queen?

    RED705 gave the title a run, but didn't win cause he "Got shouldered by a supervisor" during the homecoming dance.....
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    Wow,you`re really trying to work that in to every thread. Is it the early onset of Alzheimer's and you`re forgetting how many times you`ve posted it or are you just so small minded thats all you can think of?
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    Nope - just gonna fit it in where I can
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    Funny,thats what your girl said.
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    We heard at our General last week that Hoffa got booed out the door there. True?
  12. 705red

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    Hoffa wont come here! The freight guys will hang him and no upser will attempt to stop them. In this local we stand up to management on behalf of the members, something Hoffa has no clue on how to do! I cannot wait to vote him out in 2011!!!!!!
  13. 705red

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    You ever get your ass beat by a home coming queen? Your a real tough gut online! Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I will say to your face what I type on here! Let me know when your visiting Chicago, you can look me up!!!
  14. thelus

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    1st off i agree with Red on the Hoffa issue. He wouldn't make it one foot inside the auditorium during a meeting without an attempted lynching. Now down to the real reason why i'm responding. hopefully slates are looking at this thread for ideas. full time combo air drivers are getting the royal screw job. whether its pay, "lay offs" <-- notice the quotes, or general treatment, full time combo air drivers have been the red headed step child of ups. What i would love to see is a slate back up the air drivers and promise better pay for them. lets end this 2 pay rate crap and make a straight 8 hours at one rate. we are full timers too lets get paid like one
  15. illiana

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    What a powerful statement,wish that could be the case.
  16. 705red

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    Thelus, I love your passion and agree that the 2 tier pay scale needs to be done away with. However I would be very leary of listening to anyones campaign promises. Especially when it comes to issues like this that must be negotiated. Anyone can promise you everything that you want to hear, but many do not deliver.

    You are out of Addison and Moore who is running a slate was an agent at Addison when we voted them out. He worked side by side with Campbell and sold the members out time after time.

    In order to change the 2 tier pay scale we need to get Hoffa out and elect someone that cares about the members in order to address it.

    I ask you to sit back and compare what Moore did when he had the chance and compare it to what this slate under Steve has done.

    Steve has raised the pension payouts for UPS members.
    Steve fought off UPS when they raised the retiree medical contributuion.
    Steve has ended the trading of grievances, now each grievance gets heard, no more buddy buddy system with UPS.
    Steve got language that allows any fulltime employee to bid to any fulltime job.
    Any fulltimer that gets laid off keeps their fulltime pay.
    We now have a sitting arbitrator for discipline, no more wating 2 years to get your job back.
    The only local in the country that put every union and company proposal online for the members to view, step by step.
    Every ballot that gets counted, elections, contract votes, etc the members are allowed to come and watch, no cover ups, nothing to hide.

    These are just a few highlights of what Steve has done for us. Please if anyone has any thing positive to say about the other slates lets hear it!
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    Red, I followed your link to Pocztowski's site about a week or so ago. I have been unable to get the Steve Pocztowski rap song out of my head since: "Union 705, yeah, y'all vote for him. Uh. Union 705, yeah, y'all vote him. Go."

    Clearly, my local needs to step up its game. ;)
  18. 705red

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    The rap song was performed out of the blue by a few members at our picnic back in August. When we are out campaigning we have played it as we have it on cd and it gets some attention. My hats off to the guys that did this off the top of their head.

    I have never heard a campaign rap before, but what the heck, why not?

    CACH THIS New Member

    I'm brand new to this website, but I can see most of you must work at CACH. Disgruntled, angry, insignificant, racist, pathetic complainers. Feelings of entitlement, fragile egos and an overall lack of testicle fortitude. IBT is supposed to be brothers but only when that suits you. I see the attitudes this election has provoked. People's true colors have been exposed for what they really are. If Steve has done such a great job why is he the one sweating this election? Mike Moore is not wrong when he called him a thief. Steve did give himself an illegal $5000.00 raise which Joint Council made him pay back. Steve helped Feeder Drivers only with that last contract. What all of you guys can't grasp outside your little world of the CACH yard is that there are Part-timers and 22.3 who also exist. We need representation and want to be informed more than just being told to cross an illegal wild cat strike picket line. That's the only time part-timers matter, to serve the show of strength and of course right now when Steve desperately needs our vote. I hope Steve loses this election. He never shows his face, not even now. What is he so afraid of?
  20. cachsux

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    So whom are you for then?

    And I`m curious what you`re basing the angry,insignificant,racist part on.