Teamsters Local 767 Election: North Texan Teamsters, please read.

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    Hey, Brown Cafe!

    Teamsters Local 767 will host a nomination meeting for executive board officers on October 10, 2009, at 9 a.m. at the union hall, which is located at: 6109 Anglin Drive, Forest Hill, TX, 76119. The slates will be officially nominated and announced at that time.

    For more information regarding this election, as well as some additional coverage, a website has been provided, which can be found here. From there, read members' stories, follow the campaign for Members First on Twitter, check out the official Members First 2009 website, and volunteer to support our local's veterans and their families.
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    checked out the blog after the debate. lol Now I see why wesley was so ticked off about site!
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    Holy cow, I couldn't have wished for that to have gone better for Billy! Wes totally focused on me instead of telling the membership anything new about himself or his leadership strategies. He wasted a good five minutes of his opening speech prior to the debate defending himself against my Wordpress blog, which is NOW getting record hits, and I am not even a candidate.

    Look, is it too much to ask that our local's leader not stay in anti-union hotels? Or not hire temp workers at any time?! Or any of the other stuff mentioned?

    Click this, ok?

    They're elected. This isn't a monarchy.
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    Ouch, you think he booked himself there or is some staffer being fired right now???

    Either way, the captains responsible for the actions of his crew.
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    He's entirely 100% responsible, I agree, and I can't imagine a longtime president of a major local not knowing the history of that hotel. To be clear: we're not talking about just ANY anti-union establishment. This is Sheldon Adelson's Venetian Resort Hotel, which is the only non-union hotel on the LV strip. There have been marches and protests going on outside that place for a decade now. Even worse, the trip in question was for the Teamsters Unity Conference on the local's dime! He stayed in not one, but TWO suites while he was there for the weekend prior to the conference until he checked out mid-week. Why did he not think people wouldn't track that kind of thing? It's not as if we ONLY know Teamsters from our own locals, sheesh. Sloppy.

    The rest of his executive board and their guests stayed at Bally's with the other Teamster brothers and sisters who attended the conference, which was also located within the Bally's Hotel -- a union facility.

    To all who apply: Vote for Billy Smith and his Members First Slate. The ballots were mailed on 10/19, so all 767 members should be getting them this week. If you don't have your ballot by Monday, I'd call True Ballot and request one be sent to your home immediately: 1-866-556-5190. We know there have been problems in the past with returned mail and the local not being on top of getting returned ballot info back to True Ballot in a timely manner, so be in control of your vote more than ever on this one.

    All ballots not returned by 11/14 will NOT be counted. Please mail them as soon as you receive them without any delay because we all need the Members First guys to pull through here. They need your support, but they also need your vote.
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    767 is better than it's ever been. I say that from just a normal members personal observation in my 20+ years as a 767 member. In my opinion Wesley has done a great job. I can tell you this if I'm sitting outside the panel door with my job on the line, there is NO ONE I would want inside fighting for my job and my family, more than Wesley or John.

    I am glad that president Jenkins attended the conference. I believe if the information is correct the opposition slates nominee for president can't find the time to show up for monthly union meetings. I can say from personal experience I have never seen him there.

    Lets not fool ourselves, if you have been a member as long as I have we have definitely seen how bad it can be with poor leadership. It is much better now and much more solid than ever before.

    Those of you members who really want change. I encourage you to become more supportive and active in our union. And ask our leaders what you can do to help them improve our union. Use your time, knowledge, and resources to help build up our local. Not tear it down.

    The contract and the local cannot always protect us from getting shafted by the company. I have been worked over by UPS a few times on contract language or interpretations. Sometimes when dealing with this company you get the short end. And when you get it you think you are the only one that it has ever happened to. News flash ,your not the only one. You can't make the union staff be the fall guy for the actions of UPS. The union does what it can, but it is an enormous struggle daily dealing with UPS. And sometimes it just is not your day.

    Lets not cloud the big picture and the success Local 767 has had under Wesley Jenkins with minuscule isolated instances of things not going one's personal way. This union is bigger than any one individual. If you feel a change is needed that's your choice. As for me, my vote will be for the candidate that has the best interest of ALL of the members of Local 767 at heart. And that man is Wesley Jenkins.
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    Outta Hours, I appreciate and respect that you are concerned enough about this local enough to reply. I also appreciate the dignity with which you responded. I don't expect everybody to share my views identically, but I do expect my brothers and sisters to see the facts and be capable of evaluating the leadership of our local.

    I supported Jenkins. I am and have been incredibly active as well. I worked the Americold campaign for our local. In fact, I donated my time to work that campaign since the local only wanted to pay supporters for a few days here and there. It was like pulling teeth to have Jenkins authorize the organizer to put gas in our vehicles because he didn't want to do that -- even though we were driving hours and hours every day on our own dime when gas was a zillion bucks a gallon. He wouldn't call back when we asked him for assistance (when I say "we" I mean his local's organizer and volunteers such as myself from our local, other locals, and the IBT's organizing team); he wouldn't cooperate with the IBT organizers or the organizer 745 sent to help US unless Wesley was begged, tracked down, and pressured. Carlos Rios, who is candidate for VP, worked that campaign. He ALSO volunteered. In addition, I knocked on doors during the Versacold campaign. I ran middle-of-the-night flyer distribution with the IBT on other instances. As a Teamster, I signed up over 700 people to register to vote by myself in the various hubs for the 2004 presidential election. The local presented me with a jacket for being one of three top internal organizers year before last. I'm "there". I'm active. Where were the "experienced" guys? They weren't there. At all.

    Jenkins never once visited in the year and half or so that the IBT paid for our local's "war room," which was just 15 minutes from the union hall. He sent John Shorts to visit one time. Wesley didn't want to organize any new members into the local, and, believe me, that message was very clear...and embarrassing. Even today, the Americold contract, over a year later, has not been ratified. Our brothers and sisters there are in the cold, and Jenkins has done NOTHING to help the reproach that's being taken on them by the company for organizing. Talk to them. I have. Do you realize how awful it feels for me to have reassured them that we care about them, that they should sign the cards, and then have the local's leadership behave so arrogantly? It is infuriating.

    Jenkins stayed in an anti-union hotel. Two suites. Our money. That is not insignificant. It's HUGE. Trust me. He's wigging out that the members found out about that. Mark my word.

    The DFW combo people have been working split shifts for almost a year with little to NO response from the hall. There are a hundred of them, and they are all upset with good reason. The company has been allowed to violate the language, give zero notice for change of operations, and reduce those workers pay by about a thousand dollars a month each. There are jobs in the day hub, which would make those shifts contiguous, thus resolving the controversy, but the cries and pleas from those workers fall on deaf ears. I don't have a combo job or work in the hub, and I have even called the hall to share that I'm constantly witnessing new hires touring the hub in orientation classes (prior to peak). Meanwhile, none of the other buildings are affected. This is not rocket science! They bragged about creating all those jobs during the last election, but there is nothing to brag about now. The work is there, but Wesley Jenkins wouldn't know because he is NEVER there. Never. The workers at my major north Texan air facility don't even know who their president is.


    Allied: Seven workers allowed to be terminated for being out on injury and refusing to cross a picket line to return to work. SEVEN people lost their jobs, and the people at Allied all know the local put up no fight.

    Wesley Jenkins laid off Sandra Jimenez, the local's F/T organizer and replaced her with a P/T UPS employee with far less seniority than Sandra. Then Wesley refused to allow Sandra to contribute the last TWO payments into her pension in order to be vested. The only reason is denied that was to be vindictive. And it cost her almost everything. Luckily Sandra was offered jobs by just about every major union in California within a month. She just organized ANOTHER major campaign on the west coast. WHY did he let her go? He told people in 'confidence': "She was becoming too popular." And he said she was "stealing time," even though she did more for our local in a year than he did in an entire decade. On top of that, with Sandra gone, there is no Spanish speaking rep at the hall.

    Weber: Wesley Jenkins has allowed for language to be included in the latest contract that allows for the company to expand its operation in Mexico by decreasing its workforce here.

    AWG: There are workers who have urinated on themselves because they are not allowed to leave their work areas. Complaints about that have gone completely unanswered. Ask those guys. They're fed up with being treated like they don't deserve basic rights.

    The Joint Council 80 even voted Wesley Jenkins off after he served a term. We have no representative for the largest local in Texas on our own JC. A GROUP OF HIS PEERS VOTED HIM OUT and replaced him.

    This is all the recent stuff, too. It doesn't have to be this way.

    Since you have been with the local for a couple of decades, you know this is not how leadership should treat its members. We need to work with each other, the locals in our area, organize internally and externally. That is NOT happening, and we are suffering as a whole.

    I mean no disrespect to you in my reply -- just returning the discussion with my additional viewpoints. Best of luck to you, Brother/Sister, regardless of the results of this election.
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    Kristan, I applaud your organizing efforts and all the work you have put in to make our local better. I also appreciate the respectful manner in which you replied to my post. This forum is designed so we can have a dialogue and discuss our viewpoints. Can't get anymore American than that can you. We could go on forever here as it is my guess that we are both fairly articulate and opinionated. That being said I will try to stick to the issue at hand.

    You mentioned several hard working Local 767 brothers and sisters in your reply to me. The one name that was never mentioned was that of the man you support for president of our local Billy Smith. Where was he? Or where has he been? How can you possibly entrust the enormous responsibility of our union to a man who has done nothing? I mean he can't even come to the monthly meetings. You seem to be well educated, how can you embrace such a candidate? Are you really all for Billy Smith or just against Wesley Jenkins? Have you allowed some negative personal experiences to cloud your better judgment? I have nothing against Billy Smith. Heck I don't know anything about him. And that's the problem. I don't begrudge him for exercising his right to run for office. But any informed member can see that he is not qualified for the job.

    The president position is a huge responsibility. You have to be a very diverse person. A multi-tasker to the umpteenth degree. Local 767 represents thousands of workers at several different companies. You may be more aware than most due to your union work, just how insanely busy the president is. And as much as you have seen there is still more to it than that. It is not the job for someone who simply "thinks" they could do it.

    You state several instances of things the current president has in your opinion not done well. I ask you to reconsider your position. Has he not done anything, or has the outcome not been one that was favorable to you. I could post thousands of similar stories with members who have had great outcomes because of the work of Wesley Jenkins. And in my opinion this is where the crux of your argument losses credibility and validity. If in the course of your work you do a thousand things ,a few of them may be wrong. No man is perfect. The point being you have to actually do something to have failures and detractors.

    Your candidate has done NOTHING. That means he has not achieved anything. It's easy not to fail when you don't do anything. I ask you to accentuate the accomplishments of your candidate, not simply focus on a few incidents that you deem negative from my choice of men to lead our local.

    The Teamsters Union has afforded me the opportunity to have a wonderfully comfortable life. With great pay and benefits. My future depends on this union. I entrust the responsibility of leading this local to Wesley Jenkins. After all my family's well being depends on it. I ask you and every member to view it with the same importance.
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    Hi Wesley, Shannon, Outta Hours, or what ever your name is! Wesley Jenkins doesn't go to panel anymore, doesn't return our phone calls, doesn't visit the members unless it is election time; what is it you think he does for us? Some members have never seen him and don't even know what he looks like. Do you go to the union meetings? Have you seen how the members are treated? One member was told by John to "Go F___ herself" right there in front of all the members leaving. Going to the meetings is not a requirement to become President. Have you reached out to any of the Members First Slate? I have and they are a great group of guys that have our best intentions in mind. I will be voting for Members First!!! By the way explain your pic.
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    I think it is ridiculous to say Wesley has done a good job, when he has been almost invisible for at least six years. When he showed up at our building to hand out fliers, most drivers like myself thought he should be embarrased. We never see him or his B.A's now they come out trying to get re-elected. My B.A. just settled grievances I filed 6 months ago, what are we getting for our dues? They have become too comfortable. I for one am not willing to let them stay in office, and quickley return to their non existance selves. I have not made up my mind which slate I will vote for, but it will be anyone but Wesley.
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    I guess I can try to address your concerns in order:

    1. I am not any of the people that you have suggested that I may be. Just a normal member for over 20 years. I'm not even a steward.

    2. Yes, I do go to the meetings. I see John and all the other BA's bring in guests to help us in our labor struggle with our company's. I also see them setting up craft meetings following each general membership meeting. Which allows us time to discuss pertinent issues with our BA's or our president personally face to face. No phone call needed. And they will stay as long as it takes to address every issue. I have seen them there for hours after the general meetings have ended.

    3. For any brothers or sisters who have never seen Wesley or their particular business agent. I strongly suggest that they themselves attend one of our monthly meetings at the union hall. A schedule of which is published a year in advance. That way they can see them every month, and know who they are. As for me I want my president to be found at the hall everyday working for my best interest. Not out at the hubs. The president of the US, governor of my state, mayor of my town have never once showed up at my house or job. Does that make them incapable of doing their job? Of course not.

    4. You stated going to meetings is not important to becoming president. Nothing is further from the truth. If your not at the meeting how do you know whats going on ? That is the one time a month that you have time scheduled to meet with your membership. How can the voices of the membership be heard by their leader if he's not there? I want no part of any leader who cant find the time to attend our meetings.

    5. No I have not reached out to anyone on the members first slate. Nor have they reached out to me. They may be a great bunch of guy's. I have no idea what their intentions are.

    6. My screen pic is an attempt at humor. It goes back awhile on this board to a discussion about UPS getting volume back form FEDEX any way it can. Hence the picture.
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    Rambler, I am sad to report that when Wesley and his B.A.'s showed up at my building, they actually had a group of drivers listening to what they had to say. At the recent debate The Experienced slate talked about how impossible it would be to visit all the centers, when Billy Smith detailed a plan to have B.A.'s in the buildings on a more consistant level. I guess it is easier to show up in force to campaign. I can't tell you how many drivers made the comment they had no idea who most of the B.A.'s were as they handed out fliers. There were even more who said they had never seen Wesley in person. (Great Leadership.) I can't help but think if they worked as hard for the members as they are at keeping their own jobs, they might have once again run unopposed. Rambler I urge you to cast your vote carefully, with a three slate election, Wesley has a distinct advantage. I left the debate confident in the Members First Slate's ability to return this union to one we can all be proud of. If you have not please reach out to these guys. I think they have a chance but we all must get involved.
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    I know that you can find Wesley down at the union hall most everyday. Like my response to the previous poster. If you want to see your BA go to the meetings. The shop floor is the place for stewards and members. Not presidents and business agents. They are not clones and cant be everywhere at once.

    The "I never see them"argument is tired and has no validity.

    It took 6 months for your grievances to be settled because this has been a record year in the amount of grievances that have been filed. The company is overwhelmed with them. Facts you would know if you attended the monthly meetings. Because it has been mentioned many times. And the company has decided to use a stall tactic to slow down the process. Be angry at your company for not settling sooner. Ask them why it's taking so long. They love it when you blame our union for things like that. They enjoy the wedge it puts between members. That is why they do it.

    Your getting back from your dues whatever you put into to it. There are far to many union benefits to list here. Vote for whomever you wish. I only ask that you know all the issues so you can make an informed decision. Negative rhetoric about one slate does not validate anything positive about the opposing slate, or what they can do.
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    I don't have a dog in this fight but this statement is ridiculous! The shop floor is absolutely a place the business agents should be on a regular basis!

    The executive board members should at least make time to visit work sites occasionally, not just at election time!
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  16. Brownie633

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    Brother/Sister Outa Hours,
    I agree the president position for our local is a huge responsibility and I also agree that you have to be a very diverse person and a multi-tasker to the umpteenth degree but I assure you Wesley Jenkins is NONE of those things! Generally a local union president IS insanely busy but when I worked at the union hall I saw very little of our president/business manager actually at the office, let alone working. Most of his time was spent at his house monitoring every move that is made in that union hall. He is what I would instead call insanely paranoid and borderline NUTS! He has the entire union hall’s telephone lines bugged and he illegally records phone calls (don’t believe me? There was a grievance filed against him with the office workers union for illegally recording a personal conversation and then using it to chastise an employee). He has recording devices installed in the locals offices, he has a key capture program that he bought with our dues money to install on the computer system at the union hall so that he can not only obtain personal password information of everyone and anyone who signs on to their emails on the local’s computers but he also is able to retrieve and read actual emails sent to and from everyone in the local. He would come in to the office EVERYDAY way past noon and then proceed to take a 2 hour lunch with his wife, who by the way also works for the local too! He is a problem…his mental status is a problem…his never being at the office and still getting paid is a problem so much so that the executive board brought it to his attention several times. Our local has run somewhat well not because of HIM but because of truly talented people he’s chewed up and spit out of that office when they got “too popular” like Rob Hickey, Sandra Jimenez, Craig Curtis, and Jim Brown to name a few.

    You should care less if Jenkin’s decisions are favorable to Kristen personally and ask the Albertson’s guys if Wesley has been favorable to them? Ask John Lopez formerly from UPS if Wesley and John Shorts were favorable to him when they sold him down the river! Ask Joseph Crawford formerly from UPS Waco if Wesley and John Shorts were favorable to him when they sold him down the river. Ask Jimmy Mathis formerly of Allied Waste if Wesley was favorable to him and his family when he turned the other cheek in order to get rid of the loud mouth? Ask Craig, Sandra, JB, or a slew of other MEMBERS who worked for that administration how Wesley’s burned his bridge with them.

    Kristen doesn’t mention Billy but I will. Billy Smith doesn’t come with bells and whistles and fake smiles and handshakes. He’s a genuine good guy. He has campaigned harder than any other person I know. He’s showering in truck stops and sleeping in his truck to be able to visit with as many of our brothers and sisters as possible to introduce himself and his agenda. And just for the record, Wesley hadn’t done anything yet when he took advantage of the UPS strike to run for office and win. In fact, Wesley was even a SCAB for some time! Yes, Wesley chili Jenkins got out of our union and scabbed on you and me for a while. You mention Billy not going to General Membership meetings. I can tell you first hand, Wesley HATES general membership meetings and if he had the choice he wouldn’t go either but not because he lives hours away from the union hall like Billy does because Wesley only lives 10-15 minutes away from the local. You know, some of us more astute members would notice he’d always slip out the front door while the rest of us would stick around and fellowship with members.
    We should have NO TOLERANCE for someone who has no real interest in our membership as a whole! We should have no tolerance for people who feel the need to whack or “cut the throat” of those who don’t agree with them. We should have no tolerance for those who abuse their power for their own benefit or who is secretly hated by all of his staff and business agents because of the way he treats them. I’m sure none of them would openly admit it because he signs their paychecks but he is a classic bully thru and thru and his favorite and easiest target has always been the receptionist, whoever it may be at the time. Ask Kristen! She would get it good when he’d pull up in a hellish mood to detract from the fact that he’d just then decided to show up to the office. I can’t tell you the amount of humorously ridiculous scenarios we’ve experienced working for Jenkins. We all have hours of humorous material to discuss when we run across each other. Like the time he insisted a news crew film “him” donating the Christmas toys collected at the Christmas party to charity no matter what it took. Kristen said she had to cancel with 3 charities because he refused to donate the toys we, the members had collected and donated unless a news crew was there during the actual act of donation! The most hilarious part of that incident is that when they finally did make the news, the only thing the video showed was their backside pushing bikes in a truck! Hahaha! Both Wesley Jenkins and John Shorts are the laughing stock of the southern conference of Teamsters and Joint Council 80 and they have NO relationships with any other local which is so ridiculous. We would always hear the wise cracks at every unity conference and although they were very embarrassing they were very true.
    You say you could post thousands of stories of members with great outcomes because of the WORK of Wesley Jenkins? I challenge you to do it because Wesley doesn’t like to work and doesn’t work too often unless it directly benefits him. He likes to collect his big fat paycheck and spend as much time NOT WORKING as possible. No, no man is perfect but when a man who is supposed to work for US does not even show up to work….then that’s not just imperfect but it’s unacceptable. The points being you have to actually do something to have failures and detractors….yes, I agree and Billy Smith is doing something. He’s running against Jenkins which is already a huge step in the right direction.
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    Brownie 633, I will ask you the question that I have asked before. What is Billy Smith all about? Just running the race in my opinion is not doing enough to justify a vote. Several people here have posted a litany of opinions on Wesley Jenkins. But no substance on their choice for president Billy Smith.

    Is it simply a diversionary tactic by the opposing slate to keep the focus off the real issues of this election? Your rant and others reminds me of the same tactics that UPS managers employ when dealing with drivers. They attack, attack, attack, and put you on the defensive with repetitive scripted and premeditated actions and catch phrases (over allowed, least best,what happened out there yesterday? etc.) to catch you off guard. All the while they are only trying to conceal their own faults, failures, and operational inadequacies. Its all smoke and mirrors. No substance.

    Please feel free to post the proven facts, qualifications and accomplishments of your candidate. I look forward to reading them.
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    B-633 (?),

    I wasn't going to go "there," but you did, and holy cow. There should be a support group for former employees/executives of the local.

    The TV thing. I almost had that one wiped from memory. Ugh. Thanks.
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    Outta Hours has brought up a valuable point: "Negative rhetoric about one slate does not validate anything positive about the opposing slate, or what they can do." [sic]

    It's as if we have been reading different campaign fodder. No mention of Wesley in any of Billy's fliers, but I have yet to see anything from our current leadership that doesn't make a weak attempt at discrediting Brother Billy Smith.
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    I got my ballot yesterday in the mail. Im reading some good stuff in here, but does anyone know where i can read up on each of the candidates and their views on different topics? I dont know much about them except what im reading in here.