Teamsters seek UPS Freight contract

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    Teamsters seek UPS Freight contract - Charleston Gazette

    hall, president of Teamsters Local 175 based in South Charleston, is heading efforts to win union contracts for about 16,500 workers at more than 200 UPS Freight locations.
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    If Ken was smart he would apply for a job with the APWA.Then he might have a majority of the employees to represent:thumbup1: I don't no who he represents but it's not the northeast or newengland.
  3. Any122, your apwa rant is tired. Go start your company sponsored union in Oz! Go Indy workers, get us some workers rights at overnite/UPS Freifgt!
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    Freightworker. go with teamsters and soon you will know why we support APWA.
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    No driver Im tired.Tired of trying to explain that the IBT has nothing to offer UPSfrieght.If the IBT was honest they(IBT) would tell the fine employees in Indianapolis the truth.The central states pension is under funded,and teamsters across North America have faced the worst benefit cuts in union history.The IBT only has a deal to bargain a contract with INDY which is less then one percent of the UPSFRIEGHT workforce.YOU tell me how he(HOFFA OR IBT)plans on getting a GOOD contract with only one percent of the work force behind him?HE couldn't get a contract when they (IBT)had thirty seven terminals back when we where OVERNITE!So you go on believing the empty promises they are making and when you smarten up and open your eyes you will see the APWA is the way better of the two.WE rather have a UPS only union then support the rest of the competition.A strong ,viable,positive union with a single-minded devotion toUPS employees.
  6. The only thing that we want from the teamsters is job protection. Money and benefits are tied to want a company makes. That is the easy part of the process. Can you be fired for one accident? The only people who get any respect a overnite/UPS Freight are the ones who demand it. Everyone else gets walked all over! It is hard to see these guys faces everyday, because their afraid to speak up on a saftey issue or unfair labor issue, and why because the company rep. breaks out some company rule book and find some B.S. in it that threatens their job and family security. Mind you, the rule book is not written in stone so you never really know what the rules are! That's our thing a UPS Freight. We want a contract, so we have a leg to stand on. The pension is your issue, not ours. The company can divest our pension if it wants to and we have no legal way to stop them, at least with the Central States they can't touch that because they do not control it. The Teamsters are not perfect, but who is? Have a Nice Day!
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    not company sponsered if you would go to the web site you would see that, I would rather rant about a new union than cower down to one that throws bricks at windows of the trucks and shoot at people because they don't believe the same way. all this teamster bullying is rediculous and yet Indiana UPSF has let it go on stand up to the ibt tell them to leave, they not only offer violence they will cheat you to get more from the UPS cash cow that's all they want is more UPS monies to gloat with not put to use as it should
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    with the APWA you will have job protection, you will also have benifits that are amongst the best in America not have them taken away as the ibt has and is doing , it's time to move on the teamsters welcome has wornout, they only offer lies and deceptions now they cannot keep up the current ways and be solvent with their funds
    In a few years central states funds will be gone they are moving monies from the health and welfare to caver pension costs what happens when health and welfare need more money where will they turn? UPS is only company they can go to, and UPS doesn't want to lose all their money to the central states and ibt
    I quite frankly am tired of 60% of my retirement contribution going to other companies to fund the central states pension that is run as social security, it has been looked at by financial analysts who say it will be gone by 2012 is that what you want? it's time to stand tall and leave the ibt it's time to have a voice and stand up for our futures, we cannot keep taking care of everyone else not associated with UPS this is our jobs and families our company that is all at stake , the ibt is trying to run it dry is that what you want? I want a retirement that my wife and I can live with and not struggle in our latter years. Afterall if you work after retirement the ibt and cs will take that off your pension thats not right why should they care!!!!!! I am sick of their lies and corruption but no I am not going to leave I for one like my job I like what I do I hate the union that currently we work for, did you get that we work for them this is backwards the union is supposed to work for us we hired them to represent us UPS hired us to work for them not the other way around as the thugs try to tell us.....WAKE UP AMERICAN WORKERS WAKE UP AT UPS IT'S TIME TO STAND TALL NOW IT'S TIME TO LET THE ibt KNOW WE DO NOT WANT THEM ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!