Teamsters Tell UPS: No Drones or Driverless Trucks

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    Teamsters Tell UPS: No Drones or Driverless Trucks - Fox Business

    The Teamsters union wants to prohibit United Parcel Service Inc. from using drones or driverless vehicles to deliver packages.

    That was one of the labor union's initial demands as it kicked off high-stakes contract talks with UPS this week. The Teamsters also want the parcel giant to eliminate late-night deliveries and add another 10,000 workers to the ranks, among other things.

    The two sides are starting to negotiate one of the largest collective bargaining agreements in the U.S., which covers around 260,000 UPS employees and expires in July. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters' National Negotiating Committee this week submitted to UPS an 83-page document updating the prior agreement.
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    >For instance, it wants to ban deliveries after 9 p.m., including during the peak delivery months of November and December when drivers were sometimes delivering packages later into the night.
    all for this

    >It wants to prohibit UPS from using drones, driverless vehicles and other new technology to transport, deliver or pick up packages.
    this will guarantee we go out of business to somebody else in the future

    what a short sighted demand jesus..