Teaneck PD: Drunk UPS Driver Crashes, Flees, Leaving Injured Woman Behind

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    Teaneck PD: Drunk UPS Driver Crashes, Flees, Leaving Injured Woman Behind - Daily Voice

    A drunken UPS driver from Secaucus who crashed his truck in Teaneck jumped out and ran away, leaving his injured helper pinned inside, said police who captured him a short time later.

    A Bergen County sheriff's K-9 unit tracked down Matthew Montgomery, 35, who was found hiding in a backyard on Park Avenue by Teaneck and Bogota police, Capt. Michael Ferrante said.

    Montgomery’s truck sideswiped two cars and slammed into a tree nearby just after 9 p.m. Monday, Ferrante said.
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    That's going to look good on his resume.
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    Apparently the guy has issues. Being unemployed should help.
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    I have to wonder if the helper made any effort to notify the center as to his erratic behavior and the fact that he had an open container in the vehicle.
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    Union will get his job back!
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    We had a guy do something like that. Drunker than hell on his route. Customer call in a complaint. center manager met the driver and hauled his ass to the hospital for a blood test. Driver broke loose in the hospital and ran all the way back to the UPS center (a couple of miles) -got his car and went to a bar. Nobody was hurt and no damage was done but the guy didn't fight it and quit. Died about 10 years later from alcohol poisoning. He was actually a great guy. We used to go fishing all the time. Nobody realized he had such a problem. Later on his ex-wife told us about all the empty vodka bottles she would find hidden around the house.
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    New Jersey SMH

    @Wally wth is wrong with you people everyday it’s something
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    Too much time on their hands. I suggest they are made to pump their own gas from now on.
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    We like to party! You have a problem with that?
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    most of these latest UPS headlines you post here are negative.

    @cheryl has anyone at UPS ever contacted you about this? they seem to be good at squashing bad news about their company.
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    I've been contacted twice over 20 years. Once by a very straightforward UPS lawyer who called because someone had registered an account using the CEO's name and was pretending to be the CEO. She asked me to delete that stuff, which I did.

    The second time a VP called when someone leaked that lame Taylor Swift advertising campaign on the forum before it had been made public. I thought it was a joke because I didn't believe that UPS would actually run an advertising campaign like that. He was very professional and asked me to remove the posts, which I did. I gave him my mobile number and told him anyone from UPS can contact me that way.