Technology Jobs at FedEx??

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    So, I know we have a lot of drivers, loaders, sorters, etc here on the FedEx forum and over on the UPS forum as well but I am a bit curious - do we have any FedEx technology workers here? I am in the IT field (government) but have been curious about the technology work at FedEx but haven't found a lot of insight into the work and the culture on that side of the fence (granted, I haven't dug all that hard on the 'net), so I figured I would check here. Obviously, I can see how things appear to be from a driver and loader perspective and it doesn't sound too good but the technology work still sort of interests me. Anyone here with experience on that side of the company?
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    Our technology workers probably don't know how to access the Internet.
  3. Operational needs

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    FedEx has been using the same antiquated computer program that they were using when I started over 25 years ago. They will FINALLY be replacing it this year. So that should tell you something about how 'up' they are on technology.
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    Or read a map and interpret symbols such as canals, rr tracks, golf courses.... and the list goes on
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    Our CIO got like a80% raise last year to over 5 million primarily from eliminating jobs in the IT field at express this company is despicabledespicable
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    My sister-in-law was a systems analyst for FedEx until the mid-90's when she developed chronic fatigue syndrome. She used to follow my deliveries to test tracker functions she was working on. She transferred from Memphis to the IT center in Colorado Springs when my brother got a federal job out there. I believe they've since shut it down. From years of listening to others I'd say if you try to get into that area do it from outside the company. There seems to be a built-in bias amongst the "professional" class in this company against hourly employees with the exception of going into DGO management.
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    Sure they do..........They download porn all the time!!!Heck on the drivers..!!!..LOL
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    Looks like they copied the green screen off Atari or something.
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    Pong was more advanced. If the OP wants an IT job with FedEx he needs to move to India.
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    Fred will move all the Indians here on work visas, then give all IT a contract system like Ground. Their third world wages will be reduced even further.
  12. Operational needs

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    I was at FedEx HQ a few years ago. There are already plenty of Indians there.
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    Any chance you could start adding to the discussion in a substantive manner?
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    Dots, not tomahawks.
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    I'd say 90% of new hires in the tech area are foreign nationals here on work visas. Most outright hires don't stay long, (which is true of most techies). The rest are contract labor.

    Our software stinks and is in need of a major overhaul. They are in the process of doing this with the cosmos system, AKA the "green screen". FedEx talks big about how they are technologically advanced but they are way behind in the usefulness of its software to the end users. Part of it is the disconnect between the programmers and the people who have to use the product. The other part is FedEx is too cheap to retain competent code monkeys. They have been moving to web based applications for years now but few of the programs can interface with each other.
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    There have been times when looking-up a package, I've had to go to 3 separate systems. Dumb. And yes, our in-house software is circa 1982.
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    They like to use outside contractors... we have one IT guy, and he covers pretty much the whole state.

    When the contractor who installed our ROADS system was there, I got to talking to him. FedEx had given him hotel and car rental stipends
    that covered the nicest rooms, and he happened to be renting one of those fancy cars from the rental company "GT mustang convertible something like that"
    but he said most of the time he skimped and pocketed the extra $$...
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    Yes, I meant Indians from India.
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    Any chance you could start adding to the discussion in a substantive manner? :rofl:
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    That's any IT contractor's per diem.