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    My daughter just turned 15 and I was told UPS has a "kit" that I can use with my daughter to help teach her to drive. The only thing I can find on upsers is info on Road Code and that course is not coming to my city. Does anyone know of a "kit" that is available? Thank you in advance for your prayers for me and my wife (LOL). This is gonna be fun!
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    You could also try the Smith System. It will sound very familiar.

    Smith: Philosophy
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    I hope you find the course , But the best thing is show her many viedos of teen crashes on you tube and google of them driving and talking and texting . some of those clips would shake up the most toughest person.. I think thats what they should show at PCM,S. And you tell her its only a car / I WAS RELEIVED WHEN I GOT THE CALL DAD I SCRAPED UP AGAINST A FENCE / she got IT out her system . i was like ok. I looked at it when i got home,I said when i was your age i done worse . i told her to be more careful and she has . its only a car. THAT CALL IS GONNA COME . NO DOUBT ITS JUST HOW YOU WANT TO REACT (ITS ONLY A CAR/
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    i think the OP wanted a kit...

    here's a great source in addition to the Smith System: click on the following link

    The Novice Driver’s Road Map - Catalog Products - NETS Store – trafficsafety.org

    does UPS have access to that book to hand out to you for free? if not, $7.95 shipped is not a bad deal~

    from what i'm reading about the Road Code course, they'll give this to the parents

    Road Code - UPS Corporate Responsibility

    don't know if you have to pay for the Road Code course & this booklet is inclusive to the cost; let me know since I am not yet a UPSer... thanks!

  6. There is also a program called adept driver, teensmart.

    here's the link Adept Driver

    Their website has some examples of the program you can check out. My youngest is going through in now. It's very comprehensive and takes about 10 hours to complete. I think its very good, most kids hear things better when its not coming out of their parents mouth.

    Cost about 100 bucks.

    10 to 15% may be available on purchase price and premiums from your insurance company, if they participate.

    Even if they don't, your teen will take in some of these safer habits and be more aware on the road.

    Good luck
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    The kit you are referring to does have some very good information on how to help a young driver. I got mine from my center manager.
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    Thank you all (so far) and keep 'em coming!
    BARNYARD - I asked my center manager today and he had no clue about the course. Can you get me a product number or a name off of the book? Thank you!!!
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    UPS Road Code Fact Sheet - UPS Pressroom

    The four session training program is based on UPS's safe driving methods. Taught by UPS volunteers, in 2009 UPS Road Code rolled out to Boys & Girls Clubs in U.S. cities. The program is available for teens between the ages of 13 to 18 in the following cities:

    Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Omaha, Little Rock, Oakland, Calif., New York, Washington, Chicago New Orleans, Orlando, Miami, ampa