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    We have just completed the "backing reduction campaign" phase of Telematics, and a few warts are starting to show up on the new system.

    We are learning that it is not very accurate. For instance, it showed me backing up a total of 103 feet to deliver one package. Problem is, the parking lot of this business is only 95 feet wide. It was a Taco Bell, I had a package for them that I delivered at the same time I ate lunch so I backed into a parking space since I knew I would be there for an hour. As an experiment, I have made it a point to back into the exact same spot every day this week, and every day the Telematics shows a different distance....varying from a physically impossible 103 feet down to 35 feet.

    It also does not count the backs accurately. There is a minimum distance under which it will not count as a back. This distance fluctuates between 5 and 20 feet.

    We had one driver who, according to Telematics, backed up for 14 blocks through an urban area... at 35 MPH.

    This is going to get ugly for me because I back up far more than anyone else on my center. The quota for the entire center is 12.5 backs per driver. On Monday I had 36. On Tuesday I had 49. On Wednesday, with a full-day OJS, I had 42. Yesterday I had 36 again. My name is sticking out on the daily report like a turd in a punch bowl, and UPS being what it is they are going to want that number to go down whether there is any factual basis for it to do so or not.

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    They did that over here as well. They talked about it for a week and I havn't heard about it since. That was more than a month ago. I could care less what their backing goal is. They used the same number 12.5 that you have. We are 3,000 miles apart, and they want all drivers in the centers to average 12.5 a day regardless of business or residential, let alone regional! Basically they will rip into residential routes more than commercial - industrial routes so I don't think you have much to worry about. The I.E. geeks are at it again.

    This weeks flavor of the month is taking your lunch between the 4th and 5th hour, and one break each before and after lunch. Another month, maybe they'll attack cup holders ! Those big openings only promote drivers to buy Big Gulps which is not healthy!:wink2:

    I honestly feel they have sucked out the good out of being a UPS driver. Might cost them a couple extra dimes!
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    Next time try backing through the drive up window lane :wink2:
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    UPS suspends the circle of honor banquet and safe driving awards and still wastes money on this? If this stuff was around 33 years ago, when I started, I would have chosen a different career path for sure.
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    so glad we don't have it yet...I have nothing to hide but it just seems like another hassle added to what we already have to deal with in being a good service provider:knockedout:
  6. myback

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    where has it been activated at? havent heard about it in any pcm's, yet. is it spreading from the eastcoast?
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    To a Telematics TrueBeliever the data says, "not only did you back excessively, but you must have burned rubber while doing it!!! You're Fired!!!":wink2:
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    Has there been any disciplinary actions due to this system, and if so what was the outcome? I want to start preparing for the system that will inevitably arrive around peak. That seems to be when my building screws up everything.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I'm in South New England. We are one of the first ones using Telematics

    At the moment, I have not heard of discipline to any drivers. The reports they get in the morning gets reviewed after the pcm. Idling while using diad, driving with bulkhead door open, seatbelt usage. I was weak on all issues, but after a week I was about 100% on them all. If you work on these 3 issues, you will be ok.
  10. brownmonster

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    If the system doesn't counta short back, on a longer back stop and put the truck in a forward gear every 4 feet and then continue backing.
  11. trplnkl

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    But that won't fix the problem, it only hides the issue. You've been working here too long. LOL
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Simply do the job the way that you were trained to do it--that is all the preparation that you will need. No shortcuts.
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    I deliver in southern NH and our center, 0302, doesn't have this yet. Based on some of the responses I don't think I want it, but, since my truck is wired top to bottom, and GPS is the norm I should not be surprised.
    A small side note,
    We have had sup's crawling all over the preload as we switch from the PAS over to a new 'stamping' system. Misloads are up, load quality has dropped, and I am supposed to believe this step backward is really a step forward?? I understand the center was spending 9 grand a week on the spa labels but is going back to crayons really the move we want to make? Someone was paid a ton of money to give the answer 'YES'.
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    It always seems like UPS, instead of cutting the excess off the budget, tend to ACTUALLY cut the price to run the business. Next winter, how many of us drivers are going to be told not to idle during our lunches, especially when its 10 degrees out. Keeping the trucks running to run the heat was the price of having us out in the middle of nowhere.

    There was nothing wrong with the PAS labels. The only problem I had with them is when the idiots stick it right on the bar code that I needed to scan. Now, UPS spends MILLIONS on a ink scanner that has shown to smudge and very difficult to see and find for sorters and loaders. Then they expect the same manic pace to load cars. Some preloaders have trouble reading labels and putting it on the right truck, now it's going to be a train wreck.

    Who's fault is it going to be ???

  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This may be before your time, but we heard the same argument when the DIAD first came out. There was nothing wrong with sheeting on paper and the system used for addressing and labeling pkgs was fine. Can you imagine going back to paper at this point?

    People resist change--it is in our DNA. Change for the sake of change is a waste. Change for the sake of improving productivity and efficiency is welcome change.

    Back to the thread--telematics should only concern those who are not doing the job the way that they were taught to do it.
  17. leastbest

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    We have telematix and I love it!!!!

    All the young kids are scared and I just do my job like I always do. I drive the speed limit, keep the bulk head door closed and work as instructed. It forces you to slow down and do the job right.

    I wish they it had been with us from the start. The Red Bull Runners can't work like maniacs and make three hours bonus any more.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    But the labels are BIG AND BOLD and preloaders have trouble getting that right at times. Now they will be smaller and harder to read. I agree with your diad argument, but then again most drivers were concerned about losing time more than scared of new technology.

    I 100% agree with your last paragraph. I've changed my ways knowing they are looking and havn't lost any more time than before. Just get used to it.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I think you are wrong. I was always coming in earlier than everyone else. With telematics, I still come back at the same time. I disagreed at first but the myth of belting and closing the door costing you time IS nothing more than a myth.
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    An additional problem is the stamp not being dark enough to read so when you are picking up all of those pieces in the middle of your truck during your first stop, you do not want to spend the time figuring out if they fell out of the 5000 section or were supposed to be rear-door-left. Since our DOL system changes the sequence every day I never know where to look. Honest to God, the simple task of delivering a piece of cardboard is made the most complicated by those who don't do it.