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    We all knew it was coming someday and today is that day. UPS is wiring all the package cars with sensors to monitor the performance of the truck. But it monitors a lot more than that.

    "Many of you have heard of the possibility of the company wiring your package cars. The plan is to put sensors on your seat belts, your bulkhead doors, your e-brake, and your reverse gear. It's happening now. Our shop has piles of the wiring harnesses to do all of the trucks..."

    The future is here today.

    "When you put your car in gear it senses if you have your seat belt on, and whether your bulkhead door is closed or not. Additionally it will tell if you put the car in reverse first and for how long. The other sensor on the e-brake will tell if you applied the e-brake when you turned the key off. "

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what this system can do.

    Should you be worried? Only if you don't do the job the way they want it done. If you leave your bulkhead door open, or if you nose into driveways and back out, you better get with the program. Some drivers claim to be experts at using the methods, but they only use them during a ride-along. Now, every minute of every day is an OJS ride.

    If this isn't happening in your building yet, ask your mechanic when to expect it. He probably knows. That's how much time you have to perfect your methods.

    No one will be spared.

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    This is old news DenverBrown. There are several threads relating to this.
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    Already doing this in my building ... according to some of the guys I used to work with. What a bunch of crap. The more technology that is introduced into package car the harder the job gets. I wouldn't last a day in a package car at this point. Used to cut every corner I could to get the work done. I Couldn't imagine having to use all of their wonderful methods all day long. I would vomit for sure:knockedout:
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    My truck was the first to be wired in our building back in October. It was a "Welcome Back to Work" present for me.:happy-very:
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    Welcome to 6 months ago. The search function is your friend.
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    GUYS & GALS !! we have to give some of the Newbies a break here. They may not know about the search key for old topics!!Hell some people have all they can do to even turn this comp on! We were all new here at one point & surley would'nt feel welcome if we are slammed to the mat on our 1 ,2nd or 3rd post!! These folks are all welcome here from the porter to the mechanic & Pilot to the guys in Atlanta.So lets treat em all a little better!!!!! jmo Welcome Newbies to the B.C pour your self a cup of joe,pour yourself a shot or light up a butt and enjoy!! Welcome to UPS FANTASY ISLAND
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    your truck was the first to have an engine !!!!!!!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Ours are going online in a couple weeks. It's a good time than any to make that sweet sweet overtime. Thank you Atlanta

    (obviously I don't follow every safety procedure)
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    Tied it into the saddle and did they?
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    Mr. Roarke lives though Cove!!
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    Excellent post, 100% correct.

    All are welcome here, there are people happy to respond to any and all questions. In the big scheme of life, everything has been done before and asked before. Don't worry about it!
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    Wear your seat belt.
    Close the bulkhead door
    Don't leave your engine idling during deliveries.
    Don't record in your DIAD while driving.
    Don't back excessively (especially in residential neighborhoods)
    Don't go off area for lunch
    Take your full lunch period (no more, no less)
    Don't speed

    So, what's the problem??

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    as mentioned in other post why not wire the truck not to run with the bulkhead open, seat belt off etc. ? as "technically advanced" as this system is it should be hard to put a circuit through the ignition.

    btw we have had these for 6+months and nobody has heard anything from them... even those that are being "watched" carefully

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    They can easily watch patterns, for instance everytime you do a certain neighborhood, you have the bulkhead door open. When you take lunch in the truck, do you leave it running. When you are delivering in a plaza, is your bulkhead door open, when you deliver 4 consignees.

    It is these patterns that you do as a driver, that when they need to make an example out of you, they will have a management person hanging around with a video camera to catch you on video, which in turn makes it a fireable incident.

    The union dropped the ball on this. UPS was more than happy to let the union have their way with electronic monitoring not being disiplined. When you piss off the center manager, he will know where, when and how to catch you. The union let these things in the contract, and didnt think it all the way.

    You can have a driver 85% seat belt use, as long as you play by their rules, they don't have a reason to fire you. You can have a steward at 99%, and they will catch you that 1% of the time and fire you. The union can't set a precedent that the 85% driver didn't get fired because the contract says electronic monitoring is inadmissable.

    There will be many threads on this subject in the future, guaranteed !!!
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    thats ridiculous, it really is

    basically means every single second in your package car your actions will be recorded

    whats next, cameras?
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    they have already done that some trucks in my building have them along with cameras in the light fixtures in the building
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    Can they make my truck not leak in the rain? How much are we paying the jack-off to sit around and watch us on the computer.

    Really do they think we are children? They are paying me 75 K a year because I am not an idiot, don't treat me like one.
  19. pretzel_man

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    1500 drivers have been installed with this for over a year. This has not happened and is not the intent.

  20. rod

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    I can just picture my old mechanic (the one that put black tape over the check engine light) hooking up all these electronic gizzmos. :happy-very: