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    Been on Telematics for about 3 months now. I was prepared after reading all the hype on the BC but I must say it it hasn't effected the way I do my job very much. I try backing a little less but it's had no effect on production. We still have guys running 3-4 hours under. We have kind of a new mgmnt crew so maybe when they start digging a little deeper they might catch people trying to game the system. It's like anything else. Do your job correctly and live in a bubble of goodness. :happy-very:
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    I like those words.
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    If someone is making 3 or 4 hours of bonus something is wrong....just proves my point that allowances are much different in one part of the country than another....oh well
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    aj...your shirt is popping open a bit..just an fyi...:wink2:
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    I hope that didnt sound too creepy....
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    The girls need some air; 'What's creepy about that?"
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    There is over two hundred sensors in every truck. They even know when you drop your brownmonster everyday. Don't eat corn and you'll be ok.
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    I love ajblakejr.

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    Our building has been on telematics for two weeks. The only issues has been been the 4 safety issues. We've been told starting Monday the new issue will be backing. Our center manager has told us that the goal is a 5 backs avg for the center. Some of us are dock/bulk routes. Any thoughts?
  10. toonertoo

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    Deliver it from the safest spot closest to the dock, without backing. See how long it takes them to tell you to back up.......
  11. Jones

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    We've on it for about 3 months as well and I haven't heard a peep. I even asked my supervisor if he had any feedback for me and he said no, they were only talking to top(worst offenders) five drivers each day and that he hadn't seen my name on any reports at all. Oh well.
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    We got telematics a few months ago too and it has been a blessing. I walk more driveways now and my paycheck has got a lot bigger. It was like getting a big raise in a way.

    THETOWN New Member

    The one good thing about telematics is that the heros in the center are the one being pulled aside every morning for no seat belt,sheeting while driving and bulkhead door open.
  14. scratch

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    They forgot to tell our evening Air Drivers when we went on telematics. One of them evidently didn't know that we were supposed to wear seat belts, shut the bulkhead door, use the parking brake, and that we had this thing on the dash that you could put your DIAD in. The full time Center Runners flipped out and started clocking out with the normal methods drivers.
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    I have never been told anything about telematics officially, from my sup's.
    It was installed in my car about 5 months ago and I have yet to hear a complaint, but I am sure I will be informed by the center "team" about how careless/reckless I am after 25yrs of safe driving.

  16. menotyou

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    God Almighty, now there are two of you in my local?!?!?!
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    We have a guy with 33 years of safe driving, and the center manager gave him a warning letter for driving into too many driveways. It still makes me laugh.
  18. soberups

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    Your center manager is free to dream up whatever "goals" that he or she wants. It is not your job as a driver to make your center manager's fantasies come true. Of course you should make every reasonable effort to reduce backing as much as possible, but you have more important things to worry about than generating some arbitrary number that makes your center manager look good on a report. The reality is that if you have a dock/bulk route then you will probably have to back up more than 5 times per day. Life will go on.
  19. menotyou

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    I backed up 5 times by my 5th stop. It's called businesses. Why on earth do they have rdr, rdl and rdc? That's 3 stops right there?!?!
  20. RockdaleEddie

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    Well you should know the reason they wouldn't say anything to you is because your doing everything correct. Or they want to take pictures of you doing it wrong. They can not use telematics data for discipline, but they don't have to tell you the data they have either. The gunners get pulled in the office because they want to keep them gunners. The center can't hide the report from the district, security, safety,IE, who cares. Don't park on the wrong side of the road, they know,put your seat belt on first after every stop and take it off last at every stop, they know, pull your brake and close your door, don't touch your DIAD unless the keys are out,they know, who cares. When the camera on my RVC starts looking up my nose while Im driving Im gonna be annoyed.