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    For those of you that are on telematics, what is the procedure for starting the vehicle, putting on your seat belt and rolling away? Does the seatbelt need to be latched before you start the vehicle or does the seatbelt just need to be latched before the wheels move?
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    Latched before the wheels move. Do yourself a favor and get used to latching the belt, and then starting the truck.
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    It should be one fluid motion - left hand grabs belt , right hand turns key. If vehicle is moving, your belt needs to be on - that is protocol.
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    We don't have Telematics but have been told that there needs to be a brief delay between the belt being fastened and the key being turned so as not to trigger a seat belt incident.
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    Rest assured, timestudies will find a way to eliminate that.
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    If you do not have telematics then why would someone at work tell you that? odd

    That is not how it works in our centers w/ telematics, at least the two I've worked. If the vehicle is turned on and the belt is fastened, there needs to be a brief delay between latching and movement of vehicle - not ignition. That is my understanding. You "may" get on a report if you're latching, getting into gear and moving all simultaneously, however I've never tried it.

    If what you are saying is true, myself and many other drivers would be harrassed about a lot of seatbelt incidents. I've never personally had one, ever.

    Basically, listen to Dizzee.
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    Syracuse has Telematics and I asked our DM about it and that is one of the things he told me.
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    It's a GPS based system.
    So in short, if your coordinates change while the seatbelt is NOT fastened you will show up on the report the next day.
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    Then it must be true.
    My boy Dave hates it when he doesn't know everything.
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    Hence the title...
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    Syracuse does have it. I'm not sure if we do. I know that they know when I am headed back to the building before some else because they have no problem sending a message to go help x or y. How they know where I am or what I am doing is just plain weird.
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    It is called ODS-E. Basically the OMS or any of the sups can pull up your DIAD and see what you have left for work at any point in the day. I don't know if it is real time or if there is a delay. I was in the office the other night talking with my on-car when the OMS was monitoring a driver using ODS-E. It was pretty cool.
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    There is approximately a 15 minute delay. It can also tell them what late airs you had (as well as any other exceptions), where and when you delivered packages, the name of the person who signed, what pickups were completed outside of the 14-minute compliance range, how many pieces you picked up, etc.

    Essentially they can see everything you can see in the DIAD, plus a little more.
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    I had a delivery from my co-worker a few weeks ago. We chatted for a few and he went on his merry way. When he got back to the building, our center manager pulled him into the office and asked why he was in my driveway for 21 minutes. Later, when Steve was re-telling me the story, I told him to tell center manager it was a booty call.:rofl:
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    Your DM must have would never forget what he said verbatim, impossible that could ever happen to someone so it's the DMs fault.
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    You can idle the truck for hours with the belt unfastened and you won't have a "seatbelt off" incident. As soon as the wheels move with the belt off you will get one. If you get into the habit of buckling, then starting, you will never have one.

    I'm not positive, but I think the proper method for trucks with a 3 point belt, is to buckle first.
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    If you have a newer car with an automatic, it will also trigger a report if you shift out of "park" with an unbuckled belt, even if the vehicle doesnt move.

    It is important for people who are about to go live on Telematics to understand exactly what a "report" is so that they dont get all wound up about it. A "report" nothing but a piece of paper with some ink on it. When your center first goes live, these "reports" will be spewed out by the dozens. They will litter the ground like confetti, and I am not exaggerating. Your management team will have a clipboard full of the damn things every morning and they will chase people around and whine about what is on those reports. They will try to create the impression that the reports actually matter. Well, they dont. Obviously we need to be safe and we need to wear our seatbelt and shut the door when the car is in motion but in the real world that door will pop open once or twice for every 200 times you close it and in the real world there might be once or twice during the day when you may not get the belt fully latched before the wheels move 2 inches. Your management team will treat such events as if they meant the end of the world as we know it. But you wont get fired, and life will go on.
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    I was told by someone that you won't show up on the report if you are traveling under 5 MPH and the bulkhead is open OR you're un-belted. I mean he says you'll show on the report but it won't throw up "red flag". Either way I have gotten into the habit of doing EVERYTHING by the methos
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    You are sort of right and mostly wrong. The 3/40 methods used for decades trained us to do exactly what you stated, however, with telematics this is no longer the proceedure.

    NOW, with telematics, you must place the diad into the holder upon entering the truck, sit, latch the belt, place foot on brake THEN start the car. You can not have the car running AT ALL while belting or looking at the diad. You cannot have the diad in your hands while the ignition is in the ON position whether or not the engine is running. NO longer can you have one hand on the belt and one hand on the key.

    When doing pickups, you must stop the car, turn the car off completely, pull the brake, lock in gear and then take the diad out of the holder and close out the stop even if the business owner is standing there waving you off because he doesnt have anything to pick up. NO longer can you close ANY stops while the car is in motion or the key in the ON position.

    This will slow you down as you do this proceedure. There is a warning letter waiting for you if you record while IDLING or MOVING.

    The company is even asking us (while on an obsevation ride) to shut the car off at intersections during red lights. No joke. One of the dumbest things ever.

    There are ERR's involved with the system relating to selt belt violations, recording while idling and starting the car. There is a 6 second information delay from the moment you turn the key until it the information hits the ECU monitoring the truck. UPS has changed the device that records twice now, and this one appears to be working a little bit better.

    The information is so sensitive, on cold days, if you simply have the ignition key to ON just to get the heater going, you will be spoken to for idling even if the engine is off! Same with the fan on hot days.

    Either way, its by the book no matter how much longer it takes. This is the first thing UPS finds out when they go live with telematics and everyone gets on the program. Days get extended and hours increase. By the book is by the book, and UPS found a way to extend our days without us having to contribute anything in the process other than doing what we are told.