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  1. AKCoverMan

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    Here in Alaska service to most of the small towns in the state are handled by a contractor, but I know that in the lower 48 UPSers deliever to every hamlet.

    I am sitting home for 3 days after having my wisdom teeth out so spending a lot of time online. I am interested in hearing about your route if you are a package car driver who services small town America.

    Stuff like what town do you start in, is this a remote start point and where does your volume come to you from, what towns do to go to during your run, what kind of stop and peice count do you get, how many miles, how do you handle getting air stuff into the hub in time for the plane, etc etc. Oh... and are you on PAS/EDD?

    Don't ask me why but I just find stuff like that facinating, especially thru the Vicoden haze. :funny:

    Anchorage, AK
  2. Fnix

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    Respect to the breathern who deliver in the weather up there.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I too had my wisdom teeth pulled out. It was growing sideways..ouch!
  4. brownrodster

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    Nope, we've got contractors that deliver to the islands in the area.
  5. Cementups

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    I deliver in a rural town about 25 minutes from my center. I only deliver one town/zip code. and yes we are PAS.
  6. mattwtrs

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    I used to deliver 1 county with 3 towns & zip codes, 1 stop light. There was one other driver that delivered 6 blocks of the downtown area which included the county court house. I had 6 assigned pickups and I ran a minimum of 150 miles to cover them.

    185 miles, 70 delivery stops, 150 packages and maybe 10 pick up packages would get me done in 8 hours or so.
  7. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    All of our shag routes are delivered in center. The longest one is 300 miles and 65 stops. It's a real bear in the winter too. 20 foot snow drifts and lots of whiteout. I know in the Colville center (WA) they have a guy from Spokane drive their air out to the building and then he meets up with all of the drivers to give them their air for the day and then he picks up their air and drives it back to the building for the air shuttle guy. Sometimes he has to go to the airport. And yes we're on PAS
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  8. Re-Raise

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    I deliver 5 small towns over an area covering three counties in central Illinois. I run between 80 and 90 stops and 180 to 210 in miles. I grew up in the area and three of the towns make up the high school my kids attend. My wife and I built a house on my family's farm where I stop for lunch and read the mail everyday.

    The only downside to a rural area here is when the weather gets rough. Luckily I know a lot of people and can get their packages to them even when I can't get to their homes.
  9. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I deliver to one small town and a large rural area. 170-240 miles on mostly gravel roads with top speed of 35 MPH. 70-90 stops a day. The people are the best and treat me like family. The winters can be brutal but customers work with me when it gets too tough to get to some homes. I take care of them all year so they return the favor when it gets extreme. Sometimes I put more miles on my truck with chains on than not. Everyone likes to cover my route when the weather is nice. No one wants to do it once it starts snowing. I have done all the diffrent routes in our center and waited a long time to get on this one and will not give it up until I retire.
  10. PaidDriveTime?

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    What are the towns, I have family in the central Illinois area.
  11. AKCoverMan

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    Sounds interesting. Do you start at a center or are you remote? May I ask what town it is you deliver?
  12. Re-Raise

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    Chapin, Meredosia, Bluffs, Concord , Arenzville.
  13. PaidDriveTime?

    PaidDriveTime? New Member

    You must be a little bit further south. THey live in Canton, Avon, Galesburg, which are fairly close to Peoria
  14. upsgrunt

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    I've been there! Ever eat at the Dosh Delite?
  15. upsgrunt

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    I deliver to Philo, Villa Grove, Sidney, Camargo, Tuscola, Murdock, Fairland, Block and Bongard- ever heard of those?
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Having never been to Central Eastern Illinois...No!
  17. 1989

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    My favorite is a 30 minute ferry ride in the morning and a 30 minute ride back at night.
  18. Re-Raise

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    I know about Tuscola. I played football for Triopia and Tuscola was a team we would run into in the playoffs sometimes.
  19. raceanoncr

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    Drive 266 miles one-way. Make one delivery. Make one pick-up. Drive 266 miles one-way to hub. Go home.
  20. sortaisle

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    Which ferry? Whidbey?