Tell me more about the FredEx Implosion

Uncle Rico

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Haven't been around much lately but having read some of these threads, it appears FredEx is soon going to implode? Can't wait for that to happen to the almighty and arrogant Fred. Unfortunately, he will end up OK and his thousands of employees will suffer the consequences.

So what is the real truth behind fredEx these days? No commit times? Lawsuits? Are those ground couriers employees yet, or better yet are they Teamsters yet? Has Wall Street pick up on the scent of disgruntled employees and terrible service or is the purple promise bullshiat still fogging over the realities of this farce of a company. Buying DHL? Ha.

Good luck to those riding it out. Take whatever money in 401 or pension as a lump sum and invest it on your own or else Fred will tell you he ain't got it anymore so he can't give it to you when you retire.


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Word is spreading around fast about the downhill slide at FedEx. Express service levels are way off, they are losing employees left and right, and there are a bunch of lawsuits waiting in the wings. They just finished settling a big management discrimination case, and lost $31million in CA over break and lunch violations. There is also an age discrimination case that was just given the go-ahead from the US Supreme Court which will also probably go class-action. Morale sucks, and management just keeps screwing with us, cutting hours, rolling-back start times, and ticking-off customers.The big one, of course, is FedEx Ground, where I think they have been sued in 39 states and which has now become a class action. I work for Express, but the UPS feedback on this site indicates that Ground service is deteriorating as well.

All the while, FedEx and Fred S continue to pretend everything is just fine., Fred says that the Ground model will continue despite IRS and court rulings that say otherwise, and that his "happy" employees aren't interested in going union. Like I've said before, this probably isn't going to be a good year for him.