Temp disability.. refinancing house issues? (on topic)

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    Hi all.. so I am on temp disability.. 3 months into that. Doctor says most likely permanent damage to hand. I am under a lifting restriction of 75 lbs. (which is actually too high.. as I run off a string of F-bombs when I pick up a coffee cup.) One long-time sup says (unofficially) that because injury was off job, UPS will not allow any return nor any TAW unless 100% cleared. I need to get verification on that from my HR. Waiting for his return from vacation.
    Anyway.. I have an appointment next week to refinance our house because we have a balloon payment coming up this coming May.
    In light of that, I am unsure of whether I should go find new employment now.. or stay with Temp Disability until December.. maybe transition to Long Term D. ?
    My long employment with UPS is a bonus for things like mortgage applications.. however now I wonder how they will regard Teamcare (temporary) Disability.. even though I am still full time UPS employee (driver).
    I better do it now (mortgage) so I have time to get my situation figured out. I think.
    Misery loves company.. anyone in similar situation? anyone have some thought?
    Are there laws regarding temp disability income discrimination and banking?
    I am considering finding a disability lawyer.