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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Thatguy123, May 2, 2013.

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    Been at UPS for 5 years now and decided to sign up for temp driving for the first time. With my seniority I should be one of the first ones to go, but the HR person is telling me that people with their 30 days in go first regardless of seniority.. Is this true? Can I file a grievance?
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    If you have not worked 30 days, then you do not have any seniority rights as a TCD, but as always, local practice may be different, so you would be best to read your contract supplement and if that does not answer, talk to your steward.
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    TCD's that are qualified will go before you but anybody that signs up that has less seniority than you will not. Get with your steward, they should guide you through this.
  4. What is TCD?

    Here in our building, your cover driving seniority is different than your company/building seniority. If you've been at UPS longer than I have, but just start cover driving, I would go out before you since i've been cover driving for 6 years already. You would be at the bottom of the cover driver list.