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    I started temping late October and still am now(ill explain that after i explain my pay issue). While I was temping I received 3 checks in november/early december that were my inside building rate and had no overtime or anything like that on it. I informed my payroll lady and she put in for adjustments each time yet they never got fixed. I tried talking to 3 different shop stewards and none of them would file. Eventually i talked to my B/A and he just filed a grievance this past week. I am receiving no help from anyone in my local or in the building. Also they continued to use me as a temp running my own route by myself and told me after jan 11th i was only going to receive helper pay.
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    You need to file a grievance Monday morning. Include copies of all applicable paystubs with the errors highlighted or list the pay advice dates and errors on a separate piece of paper. Let us know how this works out for you. Dave.
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    no one in my local will help me file one. nor will any shop stewards
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    Did you require any help finding and registering for Brown Cafe? Did you need any help with your first post? Do you have a contract book?

    It is very easy to file a grievance. All you need are the Article number from the contract and supporting documentation. Payroll issues are covered by Article 17, Paid for Time. Make copies of your paystubs with the errors highlighted or list them on a separate piece of paper with the errors for each pay date. Sign the form and hand it along with the supporting documentation to your shop steward.
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    Sounds like you need new stewards. Keep in touch with your BA you are owed a lot of money. Any idea you could tell us at least what general area you are. Depending on the local you could be considered full time by now.
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    Your a TEMP ???? That might be your problem why the shop steward won't help you.
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    If Payroll denies an adjustment request, they are supposed to type in the reason which is emailed to the person who put in the request. The person who put in the request should also be able to pull up all of the requests that were put in for you which will show the comments. There could be something wrong with the adjustments or something that is not explained clearly by the person making the requests. At the very least, have them put in a payroll inquiry asking them to explain why you have been paid the way you were. Everyone deserves to be paid accurately and timely.

    Payroll will deny a request if what was asked for is not within the contract rules or they can't understand what the person is asking for. I've seen quite a few come in where the adjustment was just ridiculous and not supported by contract language such as "Pay this employee overtime because we promised him."
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    ok trying to reply to all of these post in one post..first off, I am a ups employee, i have been for over 4 years now, also been in the union right around 4 years. No, i do not have a copy of the contract, nor do i know in my hub who I would even talk to about getting the piece of paper to write the grievance on because every shop steward i talked to has avoided filing one like the plague.
    to brown slave-I have tried calling many many MANY times and cannot get anyone in my local to really help me out either, How do u know that im entitled to a good amount of money? is there like a math equation or something i am missing? people say its going up every day they dont fix it but no one can tell my how much im suppose to really get as far as the penalty pay?
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    Ok, the NMA is here. http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f39/ups-teamsters-national-master-agreement-335360/

    Your regional supplement could have language about this, do you know what region you're in? If not what state are you in and someone should know the region from that.

    Don't ask a steward to file for you, go up to them and request a form, if you're a union member there's no way they can refuse you a form, if they try to they're just asking to get the union in trouble for not representing their members.
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    If it were me and I were unable to get my hands on a grievance form, I would type out my grievance on my laptop, citing Article 17 as the part of the contract being violated, include copies of all supporting documentation (paystubs with errors highlighted or a separate piece of paper with pay advice dates and errors), sign it and present it to my mgt team. They may reject it as it is not on an official grievance form---if they do explain that you did all that you could to try to get one but no one would help you. Be persistent. I would also hand a copy to my shop steward and mail one to the BA. You pay union dues, in part, to ensure that you are represented in any disputes you may have with management.

    You should also know that there may be time limits in which payroll issues need to be brought to the attention of your mgt team and that if you fail to do so in a timely manner you may lose any right you have to grieve these. I say "may" as I found nothing in Article 17 which talks about this issue.

    Penalty pay can be substantial.
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    ok thanks for the information. I have already taken payroll my stubs, but never a typed grievance. Also I started informing them about this the day it happened and at least twice a week EVERY WEEK and have sense called out the mgt a few times in building about it. seems like no one in the building cares to much about it, would love to see them all have there pay takin to half or less for a few weeks right before Christmas and see how they feel. Has anyone heard of talking to the National Labor Rights Board about filing a Fair Representation Charge against there Local? I am starting to feel this is my only choice as I have exhausted every other idea I know of beside driving to the local myself but I never have a day off to be able to do it cause they are still using me as a temp!
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    Before you go all Norma Rae on us submit the information as I suggested and go from there.
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    haha, well sorry, not trying to go against the union that i too am part of, but I have tried talkin to every steward, b/a blah blah blah, in my local with no help. In all honesty why should i not file it against my union? they have not helped me in the least and as far as im concerned all my union dues have just went to buying the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s at the local coffee and donuts.
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    I always used to look at the union as someone i could trust to help me when i needed it, instead they not worth a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, and if i took it to them myself how am i going to file on penalty pay?
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    Joe, there appears to be a few oddities in this scenario. Has a grievance been filed or not? In your first post you state your BA HAS filed, but in subsequent posts you claim no grievance has been submitted.
    What were you paid? Your inside rate for hours worked as a temp or your inside guarantee?
    Grievances should be written by the member and presented to a union steward (or BA) responsible for the work group for filing with UPS. If you are refused service from a steward or BA, contact your local and ask to speak to the local union Principal Officer. Leave a message if necessary. An NLRB charge will go nowhere without this process and verified notes to back up your claim, but remember the Union didn't screw you out of anything, UPS did. And be patient if the grievance has been filed. UPS tends to drag their feet on pay issues. If your claim is legit, you'll receive the correct wage AND the penalty if appropriate.
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    I was paid my current inside building rate. I was told by my b/a(i think thats his position) that he was going to file on for me on thursday but i dont see how he could have considering that he has none of my pay stubs or anything like that. And yes, i feel the union has screwed me of fair representation. I have paid my dues for 4 years now, why is it when i need them no one will help me untill after 2 months later and i still have heard or seen no actual proof of the grievance being filed.