temporary job or not ?

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    i have interview in PHL location for package delivery driver in couple of weeks this job listing itself does not say that it is temporary or seasonal but other listings for same job at other UPS locations do clearly state that so that is why i applied for this one i can not go into temporary job or some job that will only let me work part time or something like that

    i currently have job as delivery contractor with major online retailer and have been doing that contract for last 10 years just need something more stable and predictable because i own truck now and sometimes i end up working for free for weeks if i have major repair otherwise UPS job does not scare me at all i do entire county every day average of 50 to 70 stops most of them are more than 3 boxes per stop average of 5 per stop and most boxes are heavy about 30 to 70 lbs i leave home at 4 am and if lucky back by 5 pm when season hits i have come back home at 10 pm or later and average milage for day is about 170 miles so UPS should not be anything surprising i also already have all DOT physical paperwork CDL class A with doubles&triples endorsement and tanker endorsement i also have TWIC card from TSA I was thinking because I have huge experience doing same job I would be given some sort of priority during hiring ? Or how do I know that this job is not temporary ? If I get hired I will have to sell my truck at loss and loose my contract and route and if UPS sends me home after couple of moth I will be in huge financial trouble
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    Sounds like a good question to ask at the interview.
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    When I applied and during interview I was told I was applying for (cover driver) but when I went to pick up paperwork yesterday I was pretty much told I would be on my own route a week after my class. So yea I would ask your location manager
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    what did original listing say temp seasonal or just package delivery driver ?
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    To be honest I don't remember what it said, it was an online site I was just clicking everything on the list and applying to anything that was there. I believe it said part time driver though
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    i was kinda always looking for UPS job more like feeder driver than package but only perm full time i just cant afford to play games