Tentative agreement


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Who will be the first to post a link to the actual language???

If you have a link post it here.

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Its vague just like the contract language the union always gets us stuck with, it always seems to benefit the company. Looks a lot like more collusion being shoved down our throats.


billion$ in profits, and part timers get a .50 cent raise, and the top rate gets knocked down $2.
No that would be the top rate for hybrid drive 22.4/22.3. The current top rate is around 30.52/hr which with the 5 yr/~4/hr raises put the top 22.4 22.3 rate at ~34.50


Need to see some more specifics on pension/healthcare but I'm ok with what I see so far.
How o didn’t make it past article 22 before I scoffed. This company is going to increase part time wages wether they like it or not, shouldn’t be bargained for.