Termination for posting on youtube or facebook

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  1. browned out

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    Does anyone know of UPS employees being terminated for recorded postings on youtube or facebook? It is against the UPS code of conduct policy now clarified per week ending posting June 4th 2011 on UPSers dot com. If so was the employee recording UPS proprietary images or on UPS property? Did the employee receive a warning or warnings? What type of form or waiver does management have to sign when taking pictures or video on customers property without the customers knowledge or consent?

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    You work for UPS you have to follow there rules you are not suppose to take pictures on property.

    Management or you can taking pictures on some else property sense you or management work for UPS and not the other company there isn't much the other company can do to you. However they could get kick you off that property. Of course government run facilities might have rules prohibiting photo in that case you could be arrested.

    You would have to be an idiot to post any pictures/ video taken inside or on a UPS facility online.
  3. browned out

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    I have seen many different videos in hubs on youtube of the sort aisle, inside trucks and other areas by many different employees in different UPS facilities that I am sure were done without UPS approval.
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  4. menotyou

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    Your IP address is traceable. If you are registered on upsers.com, they know your IP address. They can go on YouTube and Facebook and look for those addresses.
  5. soberups

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    UPS is free to come up with whatever "code of conduct" they like, but for a termination to be upheld it must comply with the applicable contract language.

    In my region (West) that would be Art 28 WRSA which states...."No employee shall suffer suspension or discharge without the employee having been given a warning notice.............in cases of (1) proven dishonesty; (2) drinking of alcoholic beverages while on duty; (3) recklessness resulting in a serious accident while on duty;(4) the carrying of unauthorized passengers; (5) unprovoked assault on an employee or supervisory employee while on duty; (6) selling, transporting or use of illegal narcotics while in the employement of the Employer; or (7) willful, wanton or malicious damage to the Employers property shall be dischargeable offenses without the necessity of a warning letter being in effect."

    Nothing in there about Facebook. Nothing in there about YouTube. Nothing in there about some "code of conduct" posted on UPSers.com. I would agree that UPS has the right to limit or prohibit photography or videotapes on its private property, and it certainly has the right to prohibit employees who are on the clock from using their cellphones to access the internet, but any violations of such rules would require the isuance of a warning letter prior to a suspension or termination.
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    Not being a lawyer and having never figured what the meaning of "is" is, the above term in the contract may be applicable:

    (7) willful, wanton or malicious damage to the Employers property shall be dischargeable offenses without the necessity of a warning letter being in effect."

    "Property" has been extended in the legal sense in the courts and upheld to apply to Intellectual Property and other assets such as Brand.

    My advice is to not test out the extension concept and become a target.
  7. menotyou

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    Ouch. When did that get added? There are so many ways to interpret that. Yikes. What I do get, though, is when a driver is just taking a pic of how packed his truck is because it is so extremely ridiculous, how is he/she harming UPS?
  8. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Not that I'm promoting this behavior, and I don't understand why outsiders would care, I am just curious.
  9. jaker

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    If you really want to do something make sure you are not seen or heard and have a friend who doesn't work for ups put the video or pictures up , but dang that would suck to get in trouble or sending my wife a picture of the screwed up load and get in trouble for it but how in the world would anybody in mgmt get that picture I took
  10. over9five

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    Not just Facebook. I have been pulled in the office for things I have posted HERE on BrownCafe.
    Simple fact.

    Watch what you say, stay anonymous, UPS is watching.
  11. AKCoverMan

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    I have taken such pics of ugly preloads but only to keep on my phone till the next am in case I was asked about over allowed. I just show them the pic and say "I think my package selection time may have suffered a tad...".
  12. DS

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    If what hoaxster says is true,even this in itself would be reason for instant termination.
  13. soberups

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    In order for that termination to be upheld, either a union panel member or an arbitrator would have to define the cardinal infraction of "willful, wanton or malicious damage to the employers property" to include taking a photograph of a poor load. I cannot imagine any panel or arbitrator ever interpreting the contract language in such a ridiculous manner. Furthermore, it is entirely likely that an employee who was fired and ultimately reinstated on such a ridiculous charge would be entitled to back pay. Hoaxter makes a legitimate point about how "damage" might be legally interpreted in a court of law, but the merits of a termination are not decided in a court of law..... they are decided in a panel hearing or, failing that, before an arbitrator who deals in labor law rather than criminal or corporate law.
  14. Anonymous 10

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    You must either have good honest panels or a lot of faith in your panel system.
  15. brown_trousers

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    futhermore, it is only wrong to TAKE those pictures, not to post them online. For all anyone knows, it could have been another UPSer taking the pics, and then you posting them online
  16. stevetheupsguy

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    LOL, Um, duh?

    You, of all people? They could tell it was you because they retina scanned that eyeball?
  17. menotyou

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    I have said before and will say again, I have nothing to worry about. I have posted the truth. Period. I have notebooks full of details, as do others. I will go into the office with my head held high as I know it is not me who has spent ungodly amounts of money investigating someone speaking the truth. I'm to the point where, it shouldnt be me that's scared to go upstairs. Not that I ever was before, anyways.
  18. Returntosender

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    Get a high powered camera and shoot from the outside looking in. The roll up doors expose the operation. If your load is messed up have someon/you take a picture at your first stop.
  19. stevetheupsguy

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    Sweetie Baby, it's not whether you tell the truth, or not, it's whatever you say or do, on here. I love the fact that I just called you, Sweetie Baby, that has a nice ring to it.
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    Yeah, but its easy to change your IP address if you know how!