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    Hi I have worked morning sort for coming up on 6 years now and the other day a union brother and I got into a heated yelling match cursing at each other and calling each other names. We were close to blows but never touched each other. It happened for several reasons that were just building up and we both just do not get along. Yes, it was stupid and should have never gotten to that point, I know, but it did. Today we were informed that we both are most likely facing termination . Can we really lose our careers over this?
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    How many people witnessed this argument?
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    Have a history of it? If not, you'll probably be ok. The blood can really get flowing during the sort and everybody knows it.

    I had a similar/ridiculous blow up with another guy when I was PT. Immediately felt terrible about it and we both offered apologies to each other the next day without any sort of management intervention. Got along just fine from that day forward.

    You guys might want to try the same thing tomorrow and let management know you're cool with each other if you really mean it.
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    They need you ... you must be a good worker if u lasted 6 yrs .....did you threaten him with verbal ?
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    2 people witnessed it
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    I have never been written up for anything, haven't even been written up for this one. Him and I have been in one other argument one time that lasted about 10 seconds and was nowhere near what this one was.
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    There were no threats made
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    Your fine ... walk in ..like nothing happened
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    If you got a pimp hat like this

    Wear it
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    ...and keep your mouth shut.
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    I was told today that I have to have a meeting with higher up sups about the situation on Monday
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    If the situation was that threatening wouldn't they have walked you out right after it happened? But, instead, they are letting you work after the incident?

    Go to the meeting, be humble, keep your mouth shut and be apologetic.
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    I think a beer summit is in order.
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    Beer summit?
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    More than likely if the company was going to fire u it would have happened right then and there or been put out of service depending on if the company felt like following the contract on that day.
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    If no physical violence occurred and your b.a is any good the end result will be a warning letter for unprofessional conduct,I have seen this play out plenty of times.
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    DO NOT enter into this meeting without representation.
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    My guess is based on what you've posted you will get a warning letter and as long as it does not continue that will be the end of it. There are a lot of variables here though that makes it difficult to gauge a solid estimation of what you will face at the meeting. The big one in my mind being what the 2 witnesses had to say when asked about the incident. If they claim you did make physical contact with each other you might be in hot water. The same goes if they claim they felt threatened by your behavior. Even if they were not the target of abusive conduct, if they felt being around it created a "hostile work environment" UPS and the individual management in your operation can face serious liability problems if they were to fail to react decisively in such an instance.

    If you know the 2 witnesses well enough to know how they are going to portray events, you are likely going to be ok. And as 22.34life already said, absolutely make sure you have a representative with you. Management will likely already have plans to have a steward there if they are planning on giving you a warning letter and certainly if it is a termination but, again, from what you've written here I think that unlikely.
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    Tell them you and the other guy are in a relationship and we're having a domestic argument. That way they can't discriminate against you two. But you'll have to kiss each other to prove it in the office.