Texting Banned for Truckers and Bus Drivers in U.S

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    Texting Banned for Truckers and Bus Drivers in U.S - Bloomberg
    The U.S. banned texting for commercial bus and truck drivers as part of an effort to combat traffic deaths stemming from distracted motorists.

    Violators may be subject to civil or criminal penalties of as much as $2,750, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today in Washington.

    Today’s ban doesn’t apply to in-cab computers, according to the Transportation Department. Drivers for shippers such as FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. use portable computers in their vehicles to scan package deliveries and drop- offs and respond to messages from dispatchers.
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    UPS is known for its commitment to safe driving and as a matter of policy and training, UPS drivers cannot use their handheld computers or their cell phones while driving,” he said.

    Then why do they keep calling me when they know I'm driving????