Thank you for helping me find an address

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    ... everyone here probably run into homes with no road marker, house number, mailbox number.

    A driver/helper team saw me on the side of the road & gave me some clues to an address. As a swing/ cover driver, I had no "area knowledge." Thank you for helping me deliver it on a 1st attempt!

    (for a HD driver, the typical driver only gets paid for a delivered package $1.50~ maybe the contractor gets the bulk of the money to cover the cost of maintenance, insurance, fuel, taxes)

    glad no matter what color uniform we wear, there's always someone out there that understands some of these frustrations of a package delivery driver.

    PS: UPStateNYUPSer, I sorta forgive you for not helping that DHL driver out; you were probably over-dispatched with too much work to give him a clue?


    and the small black sign with "no trespassing" instead of their address number


    halfway in...


    had to go slow so I won't startle the horses & I was glad that I didn't walk this up the driveway (as instructed by management)... the home didn't even had a house number; I had to knock and verify the customer's name. took me 10 minutes round trip for this one stop :P
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    No.....the DHL guys are not local....they work out of Vermont...the look on his face as I drove away was priceless...
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    I wish there was a dislike button.
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    I loved it when cops would ask me about an adress !!! LOL
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    I've asked cops about addresses. I guess it's only fair that they ask us about addresses too, :happy-very: