Thank you to all concerned Teamsters!!


As the deadline for returning ballots draws closer, I would like to take a moment and say thanks to all the members that read, interpreted, applied and communicated to other Teamsters the new language contained in the new agreement.

We all play a part in this contract and it isnt easy to be a one man army.

Whether or not the contract passes, we have demonstrated either way (for / against) that together we can have a debate or dialog that inspires us all to think.

We will never hear our leadership thank us for our time and efforts and we should learn to thank each other for taking the time to care.

No matter where you stand, you took a position and thats what counts.

As of Thursday November 15th, we will begin a waiting period. This period will be nervous for all.

I say, we've done enough argueing, we've gone at one another for many reasons but now its time to listen.

Our futures ride on us collectively whether it passes or not.

If it fails, we need to rise to the occasion and have our voices heard.

If it passes, we need to educate ourselves and educate those who dont know what lys ahead in the next 5 yrs & 8 months.

So as of now, lets give the threads a break, we've said all we can.


browned out

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And thank you brown shark for an objective view of whats goin on.

And when you disagree not much mud slinging only an ommision of your sign off


Be back in January or maybe on weekends. 12 hour days from here to the xmas and then all the joy in the first week of Jan. But you all know of the fun.


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Don't know if many here ever watched Stargate: SG1, but as T'ealc (sp) would say,


Also, if I don't get the chance to do so in the future...

Happy Thanksgiving! and Merry Christmas!