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    ... for your stepvans!

    a contractor had purchased a couple of those Ford E350/E450 platform stepvans (what i call P700s)

    they are great in comparison to regular cargo vans / rental boxtrucks that i've been using for the past few years

    quiet, lots of power/torque for a V8 gas engine, sliding pocket doors, the stepvan body makes my day go easier.

    I shaved off 2 hours because i can quickly secure my vehicle with power door locks during a stop.

    and my sort/load times are so much faster/easier (scan box, slide it in, put on shelf) vs. scan, make mini-piles according to stop order, then load...


    still don't really like the rollup backdoor since i rarely have to dock at warehouses (but that's minor since i use the side door most of the time anyways)

    the one i'm using needs a blindspot mirror for the front since i can't see the nose of the vehicle

    (the bubble fish-eye style that overhangs in front of the passenger side window)

    home delivery van.JPG

    the cons are minor since i can adapt to them, sure beats swinging out the side doors for entries/ exits of the vehicle.
    home delivery van.JPG
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    well, it broke down... just in time for the oppressive heat wave!

    back in a 12 foot box truck


    nice AC, radio, CD player

    needs a pass-thru to the cargo area & a sliding side door