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    It is amazing how the company introduces catchy new phrases for its business model, Yet, when its needed to run the business, that new phrase is meaningless.

    "Thats Logistics" is a phrase used to show how organized UPS service is when it comes to the delivery process. But when does "service" become a "dis-service"?

    Yesterday, February 14th 2011, UPS was set to deliver flowers from 1800flowers and proflowers. In addition, the new Iphone was set to also be delivered on the same day.

    With the Iphones, these deliveries need a signature to release so a percentage increase in signature stops averaging 15% per car was the case.

    With the flowers, handling two companies packages also meant an increase in stops for the day.

    These two specialty deliveries came with promises to each shipper. UPS sent emails to each reciepient advising them the Iphone was coming and would need a signature.

    Each was told to be home between 9am and 5pm.

    With the flowers, the shipper expected these to be delivered before 5 pm to homes and businesses in order for the recepient to celebrate the day. When UPS contracted with these flower companies, they promised UPS could make these deliveries in a timely manner and all customers would be satisfied.

    But, in typical UPS fashion, some IE ***, thought it best to cut cars for the day and each driver in the center worked an average of 1145 hours.

    My last flower delivery last night was at 855pm. After 6 pm, every flower delivery was a service failure in the customers mind. How does UPS expect to maintain these accounts when a good percentage of flowers were delivered after 8 pm?

    I heard many complaints from customers who expected these flowers to have been delivered prior to 5pm and long before they got home. (wife home/husband ordered)

    With the IPHONES, people took the day off in order to be home between 9 and 5 and our drivers were arriving well after 7pm with a good percentage of phones. EACH customer complained that they had to take the day off and waited all day only to have us show up in the late night. My last phone delivery was made at 910pm.

    These two examples are only a sample of the many bad decisions made by UPS when it comes to the delivery process and NO catchy phrase can satisfy a customer who is angry when its after 8pm and our drivers are knocking on doors.

    When will the company get it? When does service become a dis-service?

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    But they made a ton of money, so in reality, all is well. The upper teir of management will never know of the problems, and the profit margins are great.

    And of course, the customer will forget their actual experiences with the poor service, because our glamorous commercials show people how technologically advanced we are, and we promise customer satisfaction or their money back. So how is it that they could have had a bad experience? It's impossible. The commercial said so.

    As a customer, Ive voted with my wallet. As an ex-UPSer, it galls me to do so.

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    They will get it when the bottom line dictates they need to.
    So for the time being they will pat each other on the back and promote the knuckleheads.
    It won't dawn on them until next Valentines Day, or perhaps the year after, when these accounts explore other options.
    At which time, all profits taken will be lost many times over in an attempt to regain the lost business.
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    Hey, she got it that day.
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    Words fail me!!!!

    Why on earth would someone still be out delivering at 2055?

    If I am over despatched and know I cannot get it all done I message in around lunch time and tell them to send help/ cover my collections or I will be coming back with packages.

    If they dont help I will come back at 1800 with whatever is left on the car be it 10 packages or 50.
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    As Usual another large acct will be lost and Drivers asked to look for Sales Leads to make up for lost volume..Don't Lose it in the 1st Place!!!!!!!!!!! Common Sense..Oops forgot ,Higher Ups are busy patting each other on the back while customers (Who Pay Your Salaries) Get the Shaft again..:sick::sick:
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    I call and raise you $100.
    I suggest you fold.
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    Why would I fold I have a royal flush..............

    Your pair of sixes dont frighten me.
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  10. Bubblehead

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    This isn't liars poker.
    I'm all in.
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    Technically he never called my $100 raise.
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    -1 do it I dare you
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    Although I find the lack of a commitment to service appalling as usual, I find it hard to believe that the flowers or the Ipads had any kind of a promised time commit. Common sense says these things should be delivered before people go to bed but when has that ever mattered to Big brown.
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    Boy I would like to get off at 1800. We are experiencing "emergency conditions". UPS is blaming the bad weather and we are holding trailers in the yard loaded with packages. They hold us in the building for sometimes 45 minutes loading our own trucks. We are sent out with 11-12 hour days, 50 stops over our max. Air is committed and we are expected to get our pickups in by 7 pm. So we meet in the evening off load 3 trucks into one. One heads in with pickups while the others stay until 9-930 every night. Even then, customers aren't getting their packages cause UPS don't have extra drivers and won't pay preloaders the extra time to get them loaded. Thats Logistics !! LMAO
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    Snickers candy bars= dont snicker at safety............How much do they pay the people who came up with that?
    How about a milky retirement......
  16. dannyboy

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    I figure that the people that came up with that used to teach 1st grade. And because they could not elevate their curriculum to meet the advancing mind of a 6 year old, they got canned. And now UPS is paying them big bucks to come up with stuff like that.

    As a side note, since safety began at our building, the union has had a large presence in the meetings and procedures. For the most part, the hourly co-chairs were stewards. We did make a lot of difference in the over all safety picture at the center.

    But shortly after I left, things changed. The company decided that we could not be trusted with the safety picture at our center. So now they are in total control.

    Attendance at the meetings is maybe 5, where it had been 30+. There is no union involvement in the meetings, and the company and union are at loggerheads on the implementation of the "new initiatives". And the results of this have shown a huge payoff. 15% of the drivers in that center were off on comp during the Christmas season.

    But at least now they have total control. Hope they are happy.

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    OK, you guys started it with the Snickers & Milky Way.......has any one tried the all caramel milky way yet? I can't have it, so why didn't they invent it 5 years ago when I could've had it ????
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    Seems to me the guys in the UK got more balls.

    I got a family to see and will not work past 1800.If I need to work past 1800 then its bloody obvious we would need more PCD`s simples.........
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    C'mon, you can have a bite......!
  20. Anonymous 10

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    I just had the most disgusting Three Musketeers cherry flavor. YUCK