The Absurdity Continues

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. MrFedEx

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    To illustrate just how clueless Memphis really is, they are doubling-down on the demands to make service (especially Apple) and perform reattempts. Oh, and early CTV pulls too. Let's see. More to do, with less time to do it in, with a workforce that could increasingly care less.

    Recipe for disaster. Watch the train derail and explode in slow motion.

    Effing morons.
  2. Cactus

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  3. hypo hanna

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    And none of us should lift a finger to stop it from happening.
  4. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    We only have about 5 people left at my station who actually respect this company anymore.

    No one is doing anything beyond just enough to keep their jobs.
  5. bbsam

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    I certainly won't.:)
  6. Cactus

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    Some of us will. :wink2: "I'll help 'ya Mr. Smith."

  7. HomeDelivery

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    couldn't those customers call to have those things diverted to the nearest FedEx Office instead?

    or just sign the doortags for driver-release the next day (if they're just indirect signature)? why waste time trying to re-attempt them unless the customer asked for a re-attempt on the same day after you have left their area?

    you guys are paid by the hour & if management wants you to loop back to the area, do it & let them deal with the lates ~ they better lay off the OLCCs or gap reports if they're making you double back

    i'll take a UPSer's quote "work as directed" since some of the browners' management team are as incompetent as some of these Express managers i'm reading about on this site
  8. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    You don't get it Dickey.
    FedEx wants their cake and eat it too.
    They'll tell you to do anything and hang you for it the next day.
  9. HomeDelivery

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    yea, i do get that your managers are a bunch of incompetent people who can't plan with others to help give you guys and gals a decent dispatch (from reading other threads like the "what a cluster F" thread)

    i forgot you don't have a union to back you up when you try to "work as directed" so taking pix of those scanner messages to double back to the apple recipient and make a 2nd attempt on the same day will be moot point in getting a possible hanging the next day...

    & they can't implement the DRA or ROADs properly because it won't work with your P1, P2, etc deadlines.

    they better realize that you guys can't "straight line" like HD division does because our time deadlines are at 2000 most of the time (with a few exceptions of appointment & evening deliveries).

    at least you, MrFx, and other frontliners know how to stay UTR just barely enough to try to get to retirement & hopefully you will make it
    as for me, the economy still sucks but the pay is still better than flipping burgers or working at walmart. Some contractors are now going to give a paid week vacation after a year's service (if they decide to stay that long).

    ISP isn't coming to this state anytime soon (i guess the lawyers here are too lazy to fight the purple company ~ they've been waiting for almost a decade with nothing to show) i've only known a handful who "settled" w/ a gag order & moved on...

    I'm still above min wage pay for the hours on the road & others who doesn't have an efficient method will drop down to ~$8 per hour if they're slow. At least i've opened some eyes around my local area about how a temp agency can pay us by the hour +OT after 40 hours worked + had a safety bonus at the end of the peak season for not having an accident... vs the typical contractor salary pay w/ no OT or other bennies
  10. HomeDelivery

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  11. Code 82 Approved

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    Right HD? Putting food on our table! I stated in another thread I work for a great contractor, it's true. 401k, Insurance and I make good money. I am proud to come home after a day of work. It's WORK! Do I have time to golf? No! I volunteer for late extra pickups, even returning to the terminal to do a straight truck pickup route for extra money. I love what I do, and I have one of the busiest retail routes in our terminal. I eat sleep and breathe my career with a smile.
    But what the hell do I know, I'm only a Ground "Driver".
  12. Goldilocks

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    Try walking in our shoes for a day....Just saying....
  13. MrFedEx

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    Just curious. Where do you get your 401k and insurance from? And what do you consider "good pay"?
  14. HomeDelivery

    HomeDelivery Well-Known Member

    welcome 82... seems like only you and MaineGroundDriver are the few who are treated decently by contractors

    i've known some runner/gunners making close to $1,000 per week because they can do the workload of 150-200 stops per day in a big service area... i've ridden with one that can spit out packages from their package car at 25-30 SPORH :sick: sure, it's mostly a drop-n-run procedure over at HD & i'm seeing some people treat it like a paper route.

    but like MrFX, i'm strictly by the book now & the contractor understands that i'm not a runner/gunner anymore because i want to come home to my kids without a sprained back/shoulder/knee, etc.

    some HD workers are in service almost 2x the hours than a FT Express courier & isn't really compensated for it with OT pay, but it is what it is

    each contractor has their own sources of 401K & insurance... some will band together and get a group discount rate (but ask bbsam or STFXG for that info).

    since my wife has better pay/benny package than I do, i only opt for the 401K (10% w/ contractor matching 1/2 of that) ~ it's not going to amount to anything so i'm doubting that decision.
  15. Code 82 Approved

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    I would love to. Do you think at Ground we don't have our own BS to deal with? It's not all roses in my division, in fact I think out of E/G/HD we get hosed the most. But get this... and I see this in most of my terminal, we are a proud group of people. The multiple route contractors do get :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty uncaring drivers, and they go out the door quick. Maybe that's all you see.
  16. Code 82 Approved

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    That is pretty much my scenario. My guy counts on me to cover the route, and breakdowns and f`ups. My route is on the terminal side of all he owns, and I know all 10 routes, 7 more before I wasn't swing. I can walk into all the former 7, and call people by first name.
  17. Code 82 Approved

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    My contractor offers it. And good pay is only relevant to your spending and savings plan.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    When you don't provide numbers it usually means you're embarrassed to provide that info. This is an anonymous forum, nobody will know who you are.
  19. DontThrowPackages

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    Give it time, this to shall pass.
  20. MrFedEx

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    If you live at home in Mom and Dad's basement, or live in an old van down by the river, Ground pay is good. Please give an exact figure per hour, plus what you pay for benefits.