The all-seeing eye (conspiracy,nwo,illuminati), educational video

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  1. Recommend to everybody to watch all 8 vids (there are more too from him), it's an analysis, but might change your worldview if it hasn't before :), feel free to comment on it...
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    I get all the Illuminati I want from Dan Brown novels. Thanks.
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    I can't watch all eight parts of the video because some of them disable embedding and you must watch them on u-tube and if you do that , you will this symbol under the bottom right of the video screen :

    [​IMG]As Seen On: :happy2:

    Edit: Okay, apparently I can't cut and paste the image, but if you look under the bottom right of any video screen on u-tube , you will see an all seeing eye. I can't have one staring at me as I watch videos about it.
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    I just want to know, does anyone ride the goat? You just can't have a good all seeing eye, masonic film without some good goat riding!

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    I didn't watch your videos because I don't want to be depressed all over again. I know enough about the NWO, Illum, Bilderberg, Tri-Lat Commis, and most of all.. The Federal Reserve and how Woodrow Wilson started it back in 1913 during Congress' absence on Christmas Eve.
    I know Ron Paul has a Constitutional stance regarding Unions on a Federal level (he doesn't hate them). Many Teamsters I know, don't care for him because of that. But I know he'll do everything he can to bring down the Federal Reserve which is ran by Rockefellars, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, (Illuminati). Isn't that worth something? I think he is the only candidate who can actually save this country's future. I just want to know if there are any other union employees out there that feel Dr. Paul is needed right now for the USA, despite our disagreements with him on Unions?
    Obama is just spending too much for me to support him. : (
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    America is counting on your "no Obama" vote !!
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    Still can't believe anyone who voted for him last time would do it again.
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    AAAAAAAAHHH!, just above my post, there is an all seeing eye. EEEKKK!
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    Still waiting for a viable alternative.
  10. I look at Dr. Paul as the messenger, even he doesn't get to office at least he "woke" a lot of people up. I don't hear the Ron Paul supporters defecting him.

    If you follow the news, you can see that EU problem is not just an EU problem, it's too much debt piling on more debt. Look out for march that's the D-day for Greece if not before, whenever they default we will see the domino effect. I wouldn't worry about the FED's future. In my opinion it's in the box, other asian countries dropping the dollar for their trade and the central banks are buying gold. Iran started trading with India with gold. China is ready to come out with gold standard. The only tool is left for the FED is quantitative easing to infinity (now we are at 2.5) = devaluation of currency. If they really screw up and we might have a Black Swan event, I can already see Ben Bernanke and other members of the central banksters to be dragged out in the street in Gaddafi style. Other problematic things are they are leveraged 50:1. I look at it this way in 1913 they already knew it will fail, because of it's very structure of debt base currency, so they did what they could or planned until now. I don't see RFID chip plan succeeded.

    Other good news the status qua is dieing with the MSM owned by them. What they did is a crime against humanity, basically stealing money from the people by creating "money"+ interest, no labor, no actual work. People have to realize that private central banks are not here to help you or "stabilize" economy. We wouldn't have bubbles and busts (that's when they and their buddies make the most money while you tank). Close to a 100 years imagine how much wealth they stole by collecting interest on something they created out of thin air or typed in the computer and knowing when crashes or depressions are coming, after all they are the planners. They make more money by financing wars than peace.

    What I don't get that this manipulation is so massive, it's in movies, TV, music. I just can't wrap my mind around it as it's done by some group or individuals. Somebody or something is really hijacked humanity...
    But lot of people talks about paradigm shift, aliens, spiritual awakening, humanity changing into a different dimension. These all sound "crazy", but if you really look into the subject you might end up to the same things. I really can't explain what is going on, so I am just trying to look for answers, but I do think something (good) is coming.

    I was depressed too, but there are other BC members here who see it as positive change...
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  11. Sounds like a nice set up...
  12. Thanks. :) Fixed it.
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    You're welcome!
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  15. The bills were made prior to it...dollarbill20fold4.jpg
  16. Yeah, half time show by Madonnna. World peace in the end.
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