The Arrogance of Fed Ex

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    The Arrogance of FedEx - Huffington Post

    FedEx CEO Fred Smith is always full of surprises. First, he threatened to pull his Boeing contract if Congress passes a provision of the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization that would place FedEx workers under the NLRA, the statute that protects virtually all other private sector workers. Now his top flack is threatening to "destroy" members of Congress who support FedEx workers over FedEx management.

    When asked about FedEx's multi-million dollar ad campaign against the legislation that is reported to launch on Tuesday, June 9, top FedEx flack Maury Lane told U.S. News and World Report in a story posted in The White House Bulletin, "I'm going to try to destroy them."
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    Fred threatened to cancel his $10b boeing777 order because he thought UPS might need them if the senate throws him out of RLA :wink2: