The Best Stocks for 2010: UPS

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    The Best Stocks for 2010: UPS - Motley Fool

    Which stock will outperform all others in 2010? The answer may surprise you: UPS (NYSE: UPS).

    Things are tough all over
    And employees aren't the only ones feeling the pain. UPS shares underperformed the S&P 500 by almost 20 percentage points over the last year -- and they still don't look much like an obvious bargain. The stock's selling for 35 times trailing earnings, and 22 times what analysts expect it to earn next year. Meanwhile, these same analysts fear that even an economic recovery won't help UPS grow earnings so much as 8% per year over the next five years.
    Well, I've got just one word for 'em…

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    I agree. I dont know how the rest of the areas were this peak, but here in Batavia, NY. we had a VERY busy one. Volume was crazy and stops were up,(to managements suprise) apparently. With only a couple of wintery days, most of the time we were able to clean things up. And it has been that way most of the year. Its been announced that are center has helped carry our district, as far as the numbers. Our area has been so poor for so long, I dont think we notice any fluctuation in the economy.
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    Jan. 1, 2000 UPS stock opened at 69.69 per share
    Dec 31,2009 UPS stock is currently 57.63 per share

    Jan 1,2000 FDX stock opened at 42.38 per share
    Dec 31,2009 FDX stock is currently 83.94 per share

    The Dow will lose 8 %
    The S&P will lose 23%
    The NASDAQ will lose 44%
    So buy low and sell High
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    Busy doesn't mean profits. UPS may only break even or even lose money in your center on every ground package.
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