The best thing to come from Orion and miles being a priority

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ManInBrown, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. ManInBrown

    ManInBrown Well-Known Member

    No more driving 20 miles at 7PM to bail out the center slacker/slug:likeit:

    Not saying it will never happen, but thankfully those days are few and far between now
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  2. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    An accurate DOL and a common sense dispatch will trump Orion everyday.
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  3. degill7994

    degill7994 Active Member

    Don't worry it will happen again. I thought the same thing after we started on Orion no more having to go help. Didn't last long, after a few months back to the same old thing. When your done go help someone doesn't matter if they are 2 miles away or 20.

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  4. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    They try and stick by Orion as much as possible at first but slowly each day after they start to move away. Not even management can come up with plausible BS to justify it.
  5. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    Theyre big here on being 80+ percent still and they still send us far to help others

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  6. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of my own destiny

    That's when I type back no. Eta 7pm
  7. giggity

    giggity Member

    as long as they know about it and can explain away the overages in miles in the morning meeting, they wont care. last week they had me run a 25 mile roundtrip just to get a misload from another driver. I came in 22 miles over orion and I didn't hear a word ..
  8. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    Still happens. They just don't give us grief about the miles the next day.
  9. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    And preload will manage to screw things up with misloads. Been there, done that.
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  10. Pkgcar1988

    Pkgcar1988 Active Member

    U didn't hear a word because you were probably still at 85% or above on compliance. I run over miles everyday(10-25 miles over) without helping others but always above 90% and they never say anything
  11. Pkgcar1988

    Pkgcar1988 Active Member

    I thought the whole idea of Orion was cutting miles but over miles everyday but running above 90% compliance and not a word said besides your odometer is wrong!lol.
  12. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    ORION Trump'd?

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  13. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

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  14. 728ups

    728ups offending people on the internet since 1995

    I was really excited over the prospect of ORION being introduced in my center this spring,but we have been told it has been pushed back at least Two Years
  15. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    You sure they weren't talking about our contract agreement?
  16. JackStraw

    JackStraw Active Member

    Seems to me from reading various post here that Orion is an Edsel. Yet I spoke with a sup and he said that it has already paid for itself despite being implemented in only 20% of the country. Someone is fibbing and I think I know who.
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  17. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    Can't imagine who.
  18. giggity

    giggity Member

    that was my point ~ miles don't matter even though they say it does.
  19. Dr.Brown

    Dr.Brown Swollen Member

    ODS pickups... nuff said
  20. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    Yeah it gives no allowance for on demand pickups. I had to drive about 25 miles for 2 ODPs one day last week and they freaked out.

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