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  1. gorilla75jdw

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    Aside from general ignorance , why does ( almost ) everybody at U.P.S. get THE BIG HEAD . You could be an unloader or division manager , irreg driver to feeder supervisor . 9 out of 10 times , our people are so arrogant , ignorant and oblivious to each other , wether its a serious matter or a WAR between the company and union . Even people you have known before you started at UPS , and people who just came on . I mean for real Im a people person to all who show respect , but nowadays OUR people via ( hourlys and management ) all have the 1,000 ( one thousand ) mile stare . Its funny to a degree , but trying to me non-biased , when it comes to management its ridicolous at my hub in the Southeast district W/C . In 2011 , lets all strive to be more personable , atleast to each other , and maybe from that it would carry over to our customers and families . Just trying to make a difference instead of making an excuse . Look in the mirror guys , it starts with yourself .
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    Wrong job you working at. Take off the rose colored glasses. UPS is extreme darwinism.
  3. UnsurePost

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    It's only on this forum can things be fluffy and guided with I ntegrity. Inside the warzone prison, all bets are off.
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    its not UPS its the South east region if it were not for the Union most of the workers in the Southeast metro center would be Jobless, their sense of entitlement is staggering.
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    sounds like you guys know what im talking about .
  6. Dragon

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    I am with you gorilla, it does not have to be a battle everytime we go to work. I'm in - anybody else.
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    Are you saying both management and hourlies have issues with supreme egos? Most of the guys I work with are just the normal "Joe UPS driver" trying to survive in increasingly difficult times. As for management, it's been my experience that the short ones are the ones with the "Napoleon" complex and have to try and dominate the rest. I don't know how long you spend in the building, but for me it's only listening to the latest BS from Atlanta (PCM) which lasts 5 minutes at the most, and I am out of there. I am not hanging around for any long winded conversation with management. jmo
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    Maybe it is a region thing, don't know. I do know here it was not that way at all. Most people got along, even friendly most of the time. Sure there was the occasional person with a chip on their shoulder or someone just having a bad day, however there were very few that were not personable.
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    Must be a regional thing. I do not see THE BIG HEAD you speak of. We get along fine at my hub, for the most part.

    I do not see "our" people as being arrogant, ignorant, and oblivious to each other. What is this 1,000 ( one thousand ) mile stare?

    Being personable, I do not like to chit chat at work, does that make me UN-personable? I am friendly enough but I prefer to work alone. I get paid to work.

    I look in the mirror, I

    I am not a guy.

  10. Dragon

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    Must be something east of the Mississippi.
  11. satellitedriver

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    It is not that way here.
    Sure, there is the petty conflicts between personalities and the union vs management minutia, but there is also a solidarity.
    On December 27, 2010 I attended the funeral of a 30yr driver, and I was not alone.
    Our entire center shut down to attend.
    All the drivers were in full uniform, plus retired drivers.
    All full-time and part-time supervisors, plus retired center manager's and on road sup's.
    We were there in a unified group showing our respect for him, his family and his service.
    Our center is small with only 60 drivers, but I hope that it is a microcosm of what being a UPSer really means.

  12. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    if by big head you mean angry jerks than i agree,, i hate my fellow drivers,,my preloader,,my operations people,,cardboard and pullman brown... thx IE and the ipo braintrust
  13. anonymous6

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    human nature.

    have worked over 30 jobs in 65 years and have found some degree of this in every workplace.
  14. uber

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    In my hub drivers act like the inside hourlies are filth. Its pretty comical actually.

    Its like they were never PT'ers before they got the elusive driving job.
  15. dillweed

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    I call it the big guy problem but it's seen in both males and females. We work in a frantic environment and it brings out the beast within us. Some people stay mellow but many get an attitude that because the can do it they are superior. I got that way many years ago and finally got knocked off my perch which was well deserved and actually, a relief. Don't feel the need to be a hero anymore. Problem is, too many superior workers create conflict.

    The sense of entitlement I see now comes from those newer folks who talk the talk but just don't walk. For some reason they feel seniority should be thrown aside to make their lives easier and happier. I'd much rather deal with a big guy than an entitlement freak.
  16. UnsurePost

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    The UPS on-road supervisor: acting haughty towards all hourlies, all the while kiss CMs bum, drinking every day including at work, drugs, steal, cheat, lie, manipulate...oh yeah, the paperwork....lots of paperwork...
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    I guess my header was meant more towards management , but hourlys as well . Yes this is east of Mississippi . And yes the shorter men in management do tend to have an arrogancy to often . Heres what im saying , Im an 18 year vet. of U.P.S. , Im a union steward who is or as I thought well liked by both parties for being able to iron ( negotiate ) problems out efficiently , while others ( both parties ) battle daily . But all to often I see Feeder drivers , Package car drivers , Division managers , Feeder managers , hub managers , package car sups. , loaders , pick-offs , fuelers and so on whom have no class . Is this just society nowadays ( I think so ) , I remember the good ole days at my hub when it was like a family , not anymore . Oh btw the 1000 mile stare is when , someone looks through you , like your invisible , or you give the head nod , and they are looking at you but dont acknowledge your gesture . Im pretty thick skinned so none of your comments on here or the actions Im speaking of really affect me , I just do my job and learn whos who , and who isnt who they used to be . Its kind of funny , but really , is that how moma raised you ? . Guess I was just brought up differently , dont get me wrong if I like somebody , I dont go out of my way to shake their hand , but I will still say hello . Hell I will even be a Facebook friend to ya . Just venting now , thanks for listening and responding .
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This would make you an 80 year old man with a lengthy resume.
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    Back in the day (15-23 years ago) we would bring a cooler and drink a couple beers after doing our routes in the parking lot ( next door) and we would also get together outside work ( tennis, basketball, golf, eat out ) with each other but now the majority of people are negative and gang up on the unfortunate one for the day. People I work with are jealous of me ( looks, smarts, quick wit ) and I play to that and love to mind game people! :wink2:
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    istarted at 3 . selling newspaper subs with my father. 6 mowing yards, 12 babysitting and so on and so on. 29 real jobs since graduating high school.