The Big Muddy - the river gives and takes away

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  1. ajblakejr

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    We can learn from history.
    We can try to change the actions of man.
    We can't control the weather.
    And you can try to control the mighty muddy river, but in the end, she always wins.

    They gonna wash us away.

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    No matter how much we try, we can never be TOTALLY prepared for disaster. But it is getting better.
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    I didn't see that as aj's point. I think what she was trying to say was that no matter what mankind does to try to alter nature she will always win.
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    I understood that more than you think.
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    I just had to post this song.
    I love the Osmonds.
    My sister loved Donny and because she took Donny, I took Alan.

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    Just how do the "people in charge" decide to flood some homes & farms and not just let the river do what it will??? Who decides who is more important??

    I can see directing what flow you can away from homes, but to deliberately flood some homes so that it doesn't flood N.O. just sucks!
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    At least N.O. is a city. The A.C.E blew up a levee to stop the flooding of Cairo IL, (pop 3000) and totally wiped out numerous homes and hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. Cairo has been flooded more times that can be counted. Instead of telling 3000 to move they destroy what belongs to, and ultimately provides for, tens if not hundreds of thousands.
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    It is more than directing the flow from N.O. and Baton Rouge. The spillway they are opening is part of a plan established in the 30's into what (I understand to be) a natural basin. This is why they establihed the spillway.

    The media keeps referencing the 70's and forgeting the 1927 flood.

    Water is the killer.

    Man tries to control the river and the river will always win.
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    This is so true and I fear that most people not understand the economic cost of flooding those farmlands in Cairo.

    The cost of food could rise faster than the cost of fuel.
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