the big october change

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  1. mcutrono

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    What can really be so big that fedex is waiting until october to announce it? I don't know what it could be. But aside from manager buyouts and the express saver going to ground, it doesn't sound earth shattering. There has to be something else. Any other thoughts what it could be?
  2. Bailey4

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    I would bet hours will be kept at minimims. Some route restructure but I think it will be ongoing restructure until e2 drops off all together . Maybe some e2 will even drop off out off the gate. The stock analysts are speculating there will be buyouts offered but whether that will be managers or long term senior employees or at all: who knows? There are alot of good posts if you read through some. Many feel Fedex will be just strictly an overnight company within a few years. If you have not read many of the posts here I would take the time to do so. Even if the subject title is not about October, a good deal of information appears in many topics posted that relate to it.
  3. Guapo

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    I'm starting to think it wont be as earth shattering as people here seem to believe. I may eat my words we'll see, but October would be a really bad time to totally screw the majority of the workforce.
  4. MrFedEx

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    If enough volume is shifted over to Ground, Peak is a non-issue.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not if they reduce staffing accordingly.
  6. hypo hanna

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    This could be one of the possibilities. Maybe an open break with the non layoff policy. Don't see how they can sustain this number of employees with just express volume.
  7. DorkHead

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    All Part of Smith`s big plan.
  8. Mr Fedex

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    Probably a buyout will be offered. Nothing major.
  9. MrFedEx

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    There is also the possibility of a UPS strike.
  10. MrFedEx

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    No buyout, unless you are long-tenured management. As usual, you are 359 degrees off-course.
  11. DorkHead

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    Our contract expires on 7/31/2013 so I`m not sure how that would effect the October surprise.
  12. MrFedEx

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    I've been talking to a few Brown drivers lately and they seem to think that UPS is going to offer a crap contract based on the ascendance of FedEx Ground. "Boo-hoo, we can't afford to offer you a good contact".If Fred knows that a UPS strike is likely or even remotely possible, he could partially hedge his bet.
  13. Mr Fedex

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    This guy has the inside scoop lol.
  14. bbsam

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    "...the ascendance of Fedex Ground." God, that sounds good!:happy-very:
  15. Mr Fedex

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    Exactly. Who did you think I was talking about when I said buyout? Have they ever offered a buyout to hourly employees? No. 359 degrees is almost a complete circle so that means I am technically only 1 degree off. I can see you aint the brightest.
  16. TUT

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  17. hypo hanna

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    Well to your bottom line at least, kinda stinks for us express employees. (You know the ones who saw the company through those early payroll problems, dumb ideas like zapmail, UPS strikes, 9/11 etc. The ones who were promised defered compensation that had been reniged on. The one who gave up so much of their physical bodies and time with their families to deliver on that purple promise).

    Interesting that you would gain so much pleasure from the misfortune of others.

    “Compassion is the basis of morality.”
    ― Arthur Schopenhauer
  18. Out of the Dark

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    There won't be a buyout of Express Employees........not when they can Gap Report your arse and Focus route you to death.
  19. DontThrowPackages

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    Wow! I remember the last strike. 10 ft high mountains of freight all over the station. But I doubt very seriously a strike will happen. I know 2 of them that took advantage of this buyers housing market and I believe others are in the same boat. They'll take the contract and make some face saving announcements to the masses. Put up a fight and guess what? How many hungry, desperate unemployed people do you think would break a neck to jump in that brown truck. Do unions even have real power anymore? My friend bought his house on the cheap because a " company" out lasted the savings of the strikers. And what about Wisconsin? Could it be the power Unions had, the teeth of the unions, was the backing they had with the underworld? To a family man, some tough Italian guy parked out in front of the house was a rather ominous sight. Those days are over and the only fear the heads have is outlasting the strike.
  20. bbsam

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    Now hanna, you are still rather new around here, so I understand that you might not understand my light-heartedness. The slow-motion realization that some are finally coming around to is something that has been discussed here for literally years. It was so easy to see, so elementary to extrapolate the logical course that FDX would take, that the only way someone could miss it was to be completely oblivious to the Ground model or to hold Ground in such disdain as to simply disregard it. Both were evident here and the disdain remains. Ask around here how many are willing to switch over to Ground. Oh, no. That is beneath them. There is nothing for me to do but shrug my shoulders and smile. So wrapped up in their "superiority" that lay-off would be less objectionable. It is not that I lack compassion, it is that others seem to lack the humility to see themselves in the company's big picture. I've been described as a mercenary and I'm fine with that. Express drivers seem to want to cast themselves in the role of crown prince of the FDX empire. We're in a different narrative now and it doesn't have a story-book ending.