The boss, not the workload, causes workplace depression

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    The boss, not the workload, causes workplace depression - Science Nordic

    Surprisingly, the study indicates that a heavy workload has no effect on whether or not employees become depressed. Instead, it is the work environment and the feeling of being treated unfairly by the management that has the greatest effect on an employee’s mood.

    The study suggests that looking at the employees’ own assessment of the work environment and possible changes to the work environment has a much better preventive effect on depression than reducing the workload.
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    I agree that being treated unfairly by the management has cause an stress effect on the employee. When co-workers get involved there is no one on your side.
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    Some people are just bullies
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    Some management really lack the skills and knowledge to properly motivate their people. I feel extremely beat down at the moment.
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    The worker will work harder for someone he knows has his back if something happens to go wrong. Which explains why so many people don't work harder.
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    “I recommend a management style in which there is a clearly expressed wish to treat employees properly – combined with a transparent organisational structure.”

    So does this mean there is no help for us at UPS?
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    If UPS spent the time and money going after Fedex with the same hostility they use on hourly employees, Fedex would hand over the keys to every truck and sue them for harassment.