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    THE COURIER - Report on Business

    In the self-consciously retrograde lore of the United Parcel Service, every Dec. 18 is known as Peak Day, come recession or high water.

    That's the moment when the Christmas rush crests. And traditionally, it's when everyone on the payroll--from president on down--dons work duds and descends into the gloomy half-light of UPS's cavernous distribution centres to ensure each parcel gets to its destination.
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    I always find it quite amusing when a journalist tries to describe our operations to his readers and in reality doesn't have a clue. "Gloomy half-light of UPS's cavernous distribution centres"--give me a break.
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    Pausing at the "small sort" bay, Creswell watches one team of handlers pluck pint-sized parcels from a conveyor and sort them into weary-looking nylon sacks that correspond to 48 separate shipping destinations. To prevent crushing, these bags are loaded on the very top of the skids, with the bulkier packages--slathered in shrink wrap and stickers--on the bottom. Everything ends up on those nerdy brown UPS trucks, or in containers bound for one of UPS's 574 planes. As Creswell says, "We know where every single package is, every single minute of the day...

    Why would the packages be put on pallets???
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    Has anybody actually seen the president working in browns? Or is it like a UFO sighting?
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    Obama or Bush?
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    I had a District Manager help unload a trailer that I pulled into a center after the preload had been sent home back in the 70's. There were some other members of the District staff there that couldn't help due to health reasons. They said he wasn't afraid of helping out. The interstate was closed and I was alerted to the closing on the CB before I went past the last open exit. I followed a plow truck for 35 miles till I got out of the snow belt. The other 2 drivers who were stuck on the interstate got to the center in time for the reload.

    By the way he wasn't in browns!
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    Sorry---"work duds".
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    Sorry, but in my building that is the day most staff "scatter"....I don't mind I need them to build the business and we will deliver it
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    An English Major putting his verbal skills to work.
    Sounds like a good candidate for preload, while he looks for a real job.
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    I would love to file that grievance, and see them argue it at panel. But the ceo had to load the package cars due to call ins because the ptime staff was unhappy with the split raises he gave them for the next five years!