The desperation of Mitt Romneys campaign and the connection to .....FOX NEWS..

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    Ya know, a few of us on this board make fun of Fox News and the right wing all the time and with good reason.... The rest of you get angry because you are sooo convinced that Fox and the Right Wing is so legitimate and they are sooo honest you couldnt possibly believe anything else.

    But, as most of us know, there is nothing legitimate about the right wing political machine and that includes Fox news.

    In Tallahasse Fl, there is a recorded conversation with a GOP Pollster who is speaking to a senior citizen about the election. In the call, the pollster ( a woman ) makes some OUTRAGEOUS claims, and then suggests to the listener that they only pay attention to FOX NEWS or to go watch the 2016 Obama movie.

    Hand in Hand, deception upon deception and it all comes down to referring the listener to FOX NEWS.

    Listen for yourself..... is this right? Is this the best the GOP can do to get votes?? Do you support this kind of call?

    GOP volunteer calls Obama a Muslim |

    This is only the behind the scenes "RACIST" tactics that the GOP is using.


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    OOOH, the crickets have come out and the hypocrites are underground.


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    And speaking of there is an act of desperation. Can't stick to facts and logic eh? So play the race card! Typical liberal. You whack jobs don't even know what racism means.
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    Both sides have their whack jobs. I wish we could stick to the facts.
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    As I said, both sides have their whack jobs. Here's a link to the republican whacko's. I am not in any way saying the Demo's don't have theirs. That is my point. Whacko's are in every walk of life.

    Bad Republicans | Criminal Conservatives
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    I agree. Facts:

    1. An American Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by terroists on Sept 11 th.

    2. Obama went to campaign in Las Vegas Sept 12th.

    3. Obama administration immediately laid blame on a dopey video with no proof --denied terroist attack.

    4. Days later after being informed that it was a terroist attack Hillary Clinton who should have had enough protection for the ambassador --still said it was the dopey movies fault.

    5. The Ambassadors diary {that cnn found} showed the Ambassador feared for his life.

    6. Almost a week after the incident --Susan Rice was sent to the Sunday talk shows and blamed the dopey movie{ in other words--bad America again --free speech --we upset poor peaceful Muslims--our fault -apologize}

    7. With full Knowledge of the organized and planned terror attack --Obama makes a speech at the U.N. blaming the movie .

    WTF ?????????? :sad-little:

    Of course when Bin Laden died there would never again be a terroist attack --not on Obama" watch. ????
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    The BENGAZI-GATE fraud that FOX NEWS is peddling is dying a slow death on the air waves. The talking heads of the GOP on FOX and right wing radio have TRIED desperately to make this an issue, but its gaining ZERO traction and FOX by the end of this week will abandon the story.

    You on the other hand, will continue to carry the ball for them as they handed it off to you and you feel you need to get to the end zone.

    Good Luck, too bad there is no end zone to get to.


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    and dont forget ISLAND, this is the 5th aniversary of DICK CHENEYS imfamous quote that "al qaeda is in the're final throws"....speech...

    talk about stupid.


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    That attack was a planned murder of a US Ambassador. I don't think Obama, himself, should have gone into that region for security issues. I so think Biden's be-hind should have been dispatched there to be on the ground showing what the US of A thought of that act of war.
    I was at therapy that day and, with out the sound on, I could see Fox and read the crawl. From the first moment, anyone with a brain cell knew this had nothing to do with some kid expressing himself as an American citizen is allowed to do. That was a fiasco. Yet, one more example of why I think Obama is in over his head. Great guy, just not a good fit for president. This isn't an endorsement for Mitt, but what a joke.
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    ACT OF WAR? Who would you suggest we declare WAR on? Libya? By some accounts, and the investigation is still fluid, these were men from many areas. There is no possible way to identify everyone responsible for these attacks. So I ask, who would you declare WAR on?

    In Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, EVERYONE IS ARMED with guns, RPG's and grenades. Libya just completed a revolution where EVERYONE was armed and participating in a rebellion.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO SURPRISE that people there had military weapons at their disposal to attack the temporary embassy, not that they needed sosphisticated weapons to overtake the temporary embassy. It was in a residential neighborhood and not fortified.

    There are Military grade weapons on every street in Libya.

    For FOX to suggest that these people who stormed the embassy were heavily armed as if some organization gave them these weapons to attack is pure nonsense. THEY ALL HAVE these weapons from the rebellion.

    You couldnt possibly believe that after the rebellion, all the rebels turned in their guns, grenades and RPG's to the local authorities, could you?

    Whether or not this was a deliberate attack on 9/11 against our ambassador still has to be determined, however, it is fair to say, that everyone with a weapon could have been assembled in a moments notice and a mob mentality took over and the embassy stormed.

    Either way, everyone knows it was a terror attack and people died, but ultimately, the responsibility rests with the ambassador himself and if he felt that he was in "imminent" danger, then "HE" should have asked to be removed before 9/11.

    The fact that he didnt shows he was NOT in imminent danger as he thought he established a repore with the people who he had helped during the revolution. At the end of the day, this was simple stupid thinking.

    But this thread is about a ROMNEY POLLSTER calling OBAMA a MUSLIM and then referrring the senior citizen she was talking too to watch fox news to reinforce that claim.



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    let's stick to some known facts;
    all security requests have to be signed off by the Sec of State, workers inside the embassy were told in advance to quit before 9-11 or they would be killed, twice earlier attacks had been attempted on the British's ambassador's just two blocks from our embassy , We had planes less than 500 miles away , but they were never called for an airstrike while the battle was on going, first reports from the area { actually from the embassy's neighbors & the owner of the property } stated that everything was quiet and peaceful until 8pm local time when 200 men suddenly appeared, the locals tried to calm things down until they were forced to retreat into their own homes , at 10 pm when more men arrived the attack began.
    And still your messiah continues to make everyone believe that a cheap homemade movie was the cause , if that is the case why were the attackers shouting " we are all OBL " ?
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    Airstrikes in a residential neighborhood in a soverign nation?

    Yea, maybe you could be Romneys Secretary of Defense! You fit the right wing profile. Lame.


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  15. Baba gounj

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    Clinton did it.
    bhos has used cruise missiles strikes into Yemen villages .
    As you have posted every person in Libya has a military grade weapon handy , thus making a air strike against those who over ran our embassy a viable target.