The End of Economic Freedom circa 1971'

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Considering the economic events of the last few weeks, one can't help but harken back to the end of the Bretton-Woods era and compare then to now and what was being said then compared to now. The similarity is rather amazing IMO.

    On page 1 the reaction of big business to Nixon's version of Fabian socialism is enough in itself IMO to kill all forms of Corp. welfare. Big Bidness is as wedded to the gov't teat as much if not moreso than many of the so-called welfare bums. Time to end all federal gov't interventionism in all it's forms!
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    As I was going to work today, the news on the radio was reporting a story that the Chamber of Commerce would oppose the Tea Party. One of the reasons offered was that American business doesn't want a gov't shutdown. Another way of saying they like the status quo.

    The OP in this thread was one I posted over 5 years ago and the linked article from 1971' was a forerunner of what the Chamber of Commerce eg Big Bidness is still about today. The question is, will the Tea Party folk realize they've been letting themselves be played by the GOP and Big Bidness? Big Bidness is not for the idea of small gov't but for a "small gov't" they define exclusive to their interests.

    This also goes right along with the PAC formed by Congressman Peter King to in effect rid the GOP of Tea Party/libertarian minded folk or rather control their vote on election day, just give them no say at the table. In other words, shut and vote and then don't make a sound after election day when they screw you over!

    US Chamber of Commerce Could Butt Heads with the Tea Party This Election

    Democrats used Occupy and then kicked them to the curb and now the Tea Party appears to be getting their own boot in the ass from the GOP.

    Wake up!