The Federal Budget


Most Awesome Dog
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Listening to the news this AM, it seems only 3 in the senate, voted against all the earmarks in the proposed budget. Will probably be able to find more info by tonight. Guess who? Clinton, Obama, Mcain. Think they are getting our message loud and clear. They knew if they did not, they would definetely be out of the race. Now we need to send a message to the rest of them.


Least Best Moderator
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Thats why I keep saying we need term limits on these guys. I also don't think they should be paid if they go over budget. We are taxed way too much, oftentimes most people don't realize how much. And its something like over fifty cents out of every dollar we make. We don't need our taxes raised to pay for the deficit, we need people in there that don't spend more than what is in the budget. If I ran my finances like the government, I would be bankrupt and out in the street in no time.