The future of I.S.?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by randomUPSISer, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. randomUPSISer

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    Seems to have quieted down a good bit in here since the summer of fun in I.S..

    Any predictions on where UPS I.S. is headed long term?

    Will they really be keeping all (most?) of us and moving towards off shoring programming while we all perform architecture, SME, and business analyst work? Will this result in large increases of projects for I.S. to take on? Will they end up moving programming off shore and significantly reducing our head count in a similar fashion to this summers events? Will the whole thing just blow up in their face and things continue like they previously were?

    Lets hear your input. What do you think will realistically happen?
  2. gimmeabreak

    gimmeabreak Guest

    I think more cuts will be seen in 2010.
  3. I think all of UPS is poised to execute brilliantly in 2010.

    Go UPS!
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Freudian slip or on purpose? :anxious:
  5. killer300

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    I think they will continue chopping and eventually I.S. NJ will not exist.
  6. On purpose....I even bought a few shares under 54......

    Go UPS!
    (you can take the boy out of UPS, but you can't take the UPS out of the boy)
  7. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Obscured by Mirrors Staff Member

    I guess when you are retired, you can be indifferent to partners being axed (executed). I think you would fit in at the new UPS well, if you were not executed before your time.
  8. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    An important part of this discussion on where I.S. is going probably depends on how well or not the outsourcing and offshoring goes.

    Anyone have any info on this? I've heard of at least 1 large system that's been having tremendous issues with its outsourcing. Are there others?

    I've also heard of some small to medium systems which made the transition extremely easy. I'm sure there have been others.

    Any stories out there for that?
  9. I was executed a few times, and I am not sure anyone ever called me a fitter inner. I make my own investment decisions based on a wide variety of things. What goes on on this board is not a factor. Wish all of you the best.

    Go UPS!
  10. gimmeabreak

    gimmeabreak Guest

    JM must cut 13 million from Shared Service 2010 budget---hmmmmmmm, wonder where it's gonna come from?
  11. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    For a company that spends, or at least it claims, $1 billion/yr on IT I'm surprised that $13 million would be all that's asked to cut. Unless similar cuts are planned for other areas as well.

    Assuming that the rumor is even true of course....
  12. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    I.S stands for Information Systems, rather than Incredible Stock.
  13. minibrings

    minibrings New Member

    A source who is coordinating with the outsourcing firms told a friend in 3-5 years they expect Mahwah to be almost empty. Dunno if there is any truth to this.

    But given market conditions, at the very least, export more personnel cuts in 2010.
  14. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    For them to cut all of mahwah to nothing in 3-5 years would require a lot of severance packages heavily geared towards keeping people there. I cant imagine how many good people will jump ship on their own this summer if the layoffs continue. I know where I am, if we see heavy layoffs this year, I'm going to be past the tipping point and jump on my own. As it is, I'm already looking at job posting sites just in case something that really interest me shows up. Its hard to figure out if I want to risk hanging around in the hopes that the darkness is over, or just jump and not look back. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one doing this.

    Perhaps that's the management committees ultimate goal anyway. Why give us severance packages and pay unemployment when they can just get us to leave willingly. That's how operations are run. It does seem to be the UPS way.
  15. DiadDude

    DiadDude Member

    I wonder if corporate has any thoughts of cashing in on the coming real estate boom in Mahwah.
  16. But if the stock price goes back up, to around 70....there will be a lot fewer unhappy managers.....

    Still not incredible, but true.

    Go UPS!
    (Shareholder Value is a prime responsibility of the Board also)
  17. jimmythetech

    jimmythetech New Member

    JM has the largest payroll so he can be asked to cut and that is where it will come from, payroll.
    His group doesn't "spend" so to speak, they maintain for the applications, so the only viable cost areas to cut are payroll and occupancy.
    Maybe cleaning out Ramsey, Morristown and/or Paramus and consolidating into one building instead of using 3 partially filled buildings would help?
    They could cut cost by removing BROWN BOOK and stop pretending that people use it for anything of use.
    Maybe they could eliminate the 4 different "tools" that are used to initate and track projects?
    If someone could speak freely without fear of recourse maybe, just maybe, there would be some real money saved...
  18. gimmeabreak

    gimmeabreak Guest

    FYI---the majority of Shared Services folks are already concentrated in Mahwah.
  19. Dfigtree

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    They should cut the guy from Glassboro State Teachers College (Glassboro, NJ 08028) first. That is, he should fire himself. Bottom line improves, productivity increases, moral increases, quality increases, and the atmosphere is cleansed of one foul stench. (You know it's true.)
  20. upandcomer

    upandcomer New Member

    This is not an accurate statement.

    The computer people in Mahwah are in fact a very small portion of Shared Services.