The Future of Junior Freight Workers


Several issues.

My hire date was 9/14/07. Start date was 10/8/07. It is unclear wether the hire date or start date is the seniority date. There is a guy who was hired after me, but started on the same day. I am told that in a case like this, it goes by last name; mine starts with M and his starts with D. If this is true, I am getting screwed out of hours because of my last name.

I am a city driver in Detroit. Since the contract was voted in, our schedule has changed and is posted for the entire next week on Fridays, as opposed to the old day by day format. I used to have to call dispatch every morning at 7:30am to find out when to come in, if at all. Now my start time has been 14:00 M-friend. I am in the bottom 10% of the full timers, so I get no 8 hour guarantee. I come in at 14:00 and get out no later than 21:00 the past two weeks, and this week looks to be the same. My only option is to swipe from P+D to dock and work the dock until 22:30 (-1 hour lunch) to get my 8 hours. Our operations manager was cool enough to give me the option. However, my daughter needs to be picked up before then usually, so that negates the posibility of me working on the dock for my 40 hours per week. Not to mention the lower pay rate from P+D.

And lastly. Since I am low on the board, I need to make money because I am the only one able to work in my household, so I am seriously considering getting on the road board while I'm still low in seniority. The problem is that extra board drivers from other terminals in our region are pulling our freight at Richmond's descresion for now, so no new runs are likely to open soon.

The overall question is, am I screwed into not making enough money to support my family at this job alone, or can something be done about it? If so, what can I do? A second job is not an option because of my daughter's needs. Any help or advice on these issues is greatly appreciated! So far, this contract hasn't helped anything for me personally. I keep being told that it'll get better, but my family can't make it on $400 net per week, nor should we have to. This is UPS for God's sake! As :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up as things are, one thing that employees here dont usually have to put up with is $400 weekly bring home!

Advice or Answers? Thanks a bunch
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From what I understand you are not guaranteed the full forty hours a week not the eight a day. So anyday you are called into work you are guaranteed the eight hours which is why they ask people to sign this form about leaving before their eight hours. As for the pay, that falls in under the maintenance of standards clause which means if they didnt pay you dock pay for working the dock before the contract than they cant now. Also you cannot be left at home or come in later than any casual employee if any casuals are put to work that day another clause in the contract. We fought this for some of our junior guys and they won, take a look at the contract it will help you out. You might want to check with your local to get that fixed because the management will fight you tooth and nails to enforce this.