The future of UPS????

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    I talked to a former driver about a week ago and from what he told me I do not have much confidence in the future of UPS. The way our drivers are piled with work. Pickups, Air Delivery, etc. He compared it with Fed Ex how they have different units for all of their work. He said he has no idea how UPS could last working the way we do. I also beleive the company could be doing more with the "PAS" or "SPA" system. My mall driver had almost a 500 package day. This was mostly Bulk, not smalls. I tell a manager at 7:45 am look all this crap is not going to fit. At 8:15 another sup walks by sees all the bulk does nothing finally at 8:45 when the drivers get on the clock the decide to move 4 bulk stops. Now how can we as a mul;ti billion dollar company see something like this coming. Isnt this what the "PAS" was suppose to fix. At 8:30 they sent him an add cut. Not saying they had one that I had to take off but couldnt because I couldnt get in the truck. Ive had problems with misloads over the past month, like one a day. But Ive come to the fact that I really dont care because the bulk of my stuff comes between 7:30 and 8:15, the same time when most are bulking in and wrapping up. This is rediculous. I was asked again today "how does this company make mony, maybe I shouldnt buy stock", I just smiled and walked away. How can the company not see that poeple getting bulk all at once and stacking packages due to the rush of packages all at once is the problem, this is causing misloads. How can trhey not fix this??? Are they making attempts?? Im getting tired of it. Same stuff every day. We get printouts of our drivers package #s at the beginning of the day. Apparently this is their "projection". But 90% of the time from what I see it is correct. So why do I get an add cut consitently at 7:45-8:15 every day. Along with the bulk of my packages. They dont see this coming. Is this just a problem in my area or is it a problem everywhere, and if so how will UPS continue to make money this way??????????????
  2. don't be alarmed, its like this nearly everywhere. Our preload is EXACTLY as you describe
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    Yea that guy you talked to must be a genius, maybe you should quit now so you can get another job before all 427,000 of us are unemployed. You must be new because all the driver's I know that's a typical day for you guy's and gal's. Suck it up or get out now!!! This company is going knowhere!!!!
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    Forcast sheets are not very accurate a lot of times. What I don't understand is if 60 packages are 'forcasted' for a bulk stop on a package car that already has bulk stops of 35, 70, 50 etc... how is it that SOMEONE can't figure out AHEAD of time that they may not fit.

    Sometimes I am amazed that this company functions at all.

    Also, NOTHiNG irritates me more as a preloader than to load up a package car..jam everything in the 'allotted' space..then get the add/cut sheets at the end and pull 1/2 the stops off..nothing like double work.
  5. better yet make your preloaders unload for about an hour then go dig out of their cages while theres double the people on the slide sorting...yeah that didn't work out too well today, worst I've seen in a long just keeps getting worse as people keep it really is amusing to sit back and look at it sometimes. I have to wonder at times if the ones in charge have any idea how to efficiently run this place....
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    Dragracer: no, Im not new Ive been with the company almost 5 years so dont give me crap. I like working for the company it just gets way out of hand sometimes. The benefits are great, it keeps me in shape everyone treats me well, besides management.

    Lobofan: I feel exactly the same way add cuts are rediculous we get them after we load the packages then unload the packages and atleast in our building we get no credit for those packages. Redioculous, then our sup comes over and says our production is not high enough.
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    :laugh: And in the Hundreth year God (I mean UPS) created PAS/EDD!!! Welcome to the world of IE, were ideals are cemented on the white board with a magic marker. (no input from the drivers please). Where do you think they came up with that horrible ad campaign. Just take your 0.42 cent dividend and be thankful. Oh and by the way we are eliminating two routes today so start unloading those trucks, will we figure out who to give the work to.
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    Finding more packages headed toward your vehicle than there is room for is not evidence of our financial collapse. Still, there is far more genius available within the minds of a couple drivers with common sense than the most expensive computer. Computers have their place, but they can never replace a human on the road.
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    By former driver I mean a driver who now has a combo job he didnt quit, wasnt fired or is not retired.
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    Dragracer: no, Im not new Ive been with the company almost 5 years so dont give me crap. I like working for the company it just gets way out of hand sometimes. The benefits are great, it keeps me in shape everyone treats me well, besides management.
    *********Five years isn't nothing your not even vested in your pension yet so, yea you are new!!! And the beautiful thing about this forum you can give your opinion anytime you want and that's what I did with you!!! What you complained about is what 90% of your fellow worker's deal with everyday!!! every job get's out of hand not just this one!!! GROW UP NEWBY:wink:
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    I don't know....maybe it's just me.

    Though you are PAID to load packages and thus unload them if told to, correct? Whats the problem?

    If half the complainers would just shut it and do what they are paid to would be a much more enjoyable place to be.

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    awww c'mon, let the guy vent a little. UPS can be a horrid place to work at sometimes & other times we really are being crybabies like management says. UPS aint going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. I've been driving 4 years & worked inside for 2 years so by the standards of the people on this forum im still a rookie myself. in my experience it seems like management blows off a problem thats been brought up to them a thousand times until something catastrophic happens, then they all scramble to get it fixed. i dont know why they dont take preemptive action against a lot of the problems, whether its laziness, stupidity or an attempt to save some money but thats just what i've perceived in my time at UPS. Personally, i wish we had add/cuts in our center. We used to have them done almost daily or a split route put in at the last second but the preload sup who was doing them was like the PAS king. The guy we have now doesnt touch add/cuts after screwing them up horribly a few times.
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    Usually the lists are about half the size, this was a bad day. Someone ****ed up. Today we launched at 8:45. For the past 2 weeks we've been launching about 9:00 to 9:15.

    Had a late plane come in and instead of having the drivers leave and then shuttle the air out to them later. We all waited. We launched at 10:15.

    Maybe someday we'll break the circle and come out ahead. But for now I can't complain. All this usually means more work for me:thumbup1: I'll take all the hours I can get.
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    Damn, that's crazy!
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    I often wonder the same thing.
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    I havn't read all the post so I am sorry if this is a repeat. I remeber a time when I would come in, see my truck, tell the on-road so an so stop will not fit. They would look at my truck and agree and take care of it. Now I say this, and they turn to a little computer to look at some numbers and say, "according to this, it should fit..." I'm not even going to get into what is said after that statement, but it is not pleasent for anyone within 10 feet for the next 5-10 minutes.
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    Ok, he is now an expert.
    Does this driver divine thru tea leafs or a crystal ball?
    Just wondering, because my Crazy 8 Ball keeps giving me vague answers into the future.
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    When I first started as a driver 17 years ago my oncar sup told me that if you go to a pickup and if they ask you to come back because they are not ready, tell them I`ll see you tomorrow at the same time,please be ready by then.When I asked if this could cause them to use another courier,he said thats too bad,if they want to use us they do it our way.
    We call the shots,not them.
    Man it has changed since then.With ODS , they can have as many pickups in a day that thier mouse can click on the little brown truck.
    I realize that the high wages we make demand the most efficient production standards in the industry.We don`t have 2 sets of drivers for air and ground,like fedex,we do it all.Youd think that a sense of credibility would set in after all these years,but I`m afraid the going public issue has changed us for the worse.
    We need Jim Casey back, or someone that understands that if every employee was given a reason to excel,and do it by the book,everyone would be much happier.
    The way it is now the unrealistic standards end up being the drivers problem.Well the belts clean,lets get a coffee before they start calling for help!
    Hold your resi`s and stay under 12 see you tomorrow.
    Sorry about the I`m not really I needed it.
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    You are not ranting.
    You are just singing with the choir.