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    The green machines - Fleet Owner

    It’s very important to us to demonstrate our commitment with action, which is why we have the largest private ‘green’ fleet in the industry.” –Robert hall, director of UPS’s ground fleet

    Needless to say, the battle over who has the “greenest” fleet of all is going to leave a lot of bruises all around. United Parcel Service claims that distinction at the moment, though I am sure FedEx Corp. is all but waiting in the wings to stake it’s own green fleet claims as well.
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    There is absolutely no reason why the entire UPS fleet couldn't be running b20 biodiesel. B20 is a blend of 80% petroleum diesel and 20% biodiesel, made from either recyled cooking oil, soybean oil, canola or rapeseed oil. It is renewable, non-toxic, biodegradeable, domestically produced and it burns far cleaner than petroleum. I myself burn 100% biodiesel in my 2006 VW Jetta TDI during the summer months, and in the winter I blend it down to b20 to avoid jelling and other cold-weather issues. Imagine how many "green" points UPS could score if we switched to B20 and caused a nationwide, across-the-board 20-40% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.