The Gulf of Toxins

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  1. History happening before our eyes. Everyone that lives in the soon to be affected areas should go to the beach and enjoy it. Get your feet in the sand and salt in your hair because soon it will be off limits.

    Perhaps for a very long time.

    Louisiana will continue to get pummeled. As the oil spreads, it will continue to pile up and blacken. Even if the spill stopped right this second, there is LOTS of oil between the pipe and the beach and it's coming.

    Alabama, Mississippi and Florida are all screwed. I feel so sorry for them.

    I don't believe BP will be able to significantly reduce the flow until the relief wells are complete. And even those wells pose LARGE risks. Plus the August completion is a best case scenario. Successful intersection with the leaking well is a long shot the first few attempts, but they will get it. And then there is the weather. No need to mention the worst case scenario.

    This could go on a lot longer and be a lot worse than most think.
    Regional economies, food supply, wildlife and more are all going to suffer in a big way.

    I don't like being so down here, the leak will be stopped at some point and the Gulf will heal.

    It is just things will be quite different there for some time, especially if oil continues to flow at the current rate for the next 2 months..... 4 months..... 6 months. These are all real and possible time frames.

    History being made that will be in the text books of tomorrow.
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    Will the text books also mention that nobody cared about Louisiana & Mississippi, but they all rallied when Florida was in danger ???? I'm just saying what I see.
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    Load up and watch the BP Leak Cam for a while. It will make you sick, that's non-stop gushing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I don't think we can imagine the scope of the death of marine life in the Gulf. And it's on its way to the Keys too, maybe continuing up the East coast.
  4. Respectfully, you need to see more.
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    When I say nobody cares....I mean your Federal Government !! The prez. sends down Eric Holder (or whoever) you see him with a plastic bag picking up tar balls?? No, he's threatening to sue BP. Lawyers ARE NOT what's needed yet!

    The only reason people are finally getting kick started are the pics. of wildlife, so helpless, in this situation. Now, if Louisiana & Mississippi were Muslim communities, you'd have the full force of your gov't helping you. I'm not apologizing for my feelings and what I see. Deal with it.

  6. WOW.... good luck
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    People , PLEASE! What is happening here is obvious. The President is the Messiah for Heaven has decreed it to be so . The oil leak is nothing but the earth providing the oil for the anointing of the messiah. As it is in heaven, so it shall be on earth. As above , so below.
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    And so it is.....
  9. pickup, others , PLEASE

    Why, on earth, do these things need to be politicized?

    DemoCANT or RepubliCANT. Both these groups are really off topic.

    Politics won't solve this. Obama or Bush are no more to blame than you or me.

    Oil not only makes your car tires and fills your gas tank, but also all the synthetics around you like the casing on your cell phone. Oil is here to stay until there is fundamental change in thinking and infrastructure.

    Let's try to leave the blame game til later, til after this catastrophe has stopped growing. If you think the photos coming in now are nasty, wait another month.

    I HOPE I am wrong, but we ain't seen nothing yet.

    For the next twenty years, stick with Alaskan cod (or equivalent) if you like fish.
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    That's been my one is trying to stop it except BP (weakly) and everybody is blaming......because that's what lawyers (all of Obama's admin.) do.

    I think as president, I would've used the army corp of engineers and a slew of scientists to come up with stuff. If Don Herbert were alive, I'd have sent him or Bill Nye the science guy. Obama just sucks his thumb !! We need a leader who can actually react to a crisis.
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    Originally this thread didn't interest me much. Then I saw that moreluck was posting here and I thought, "Wonder it it's another blame Obama moment?" Can't say as I'm surprised.
  12. While I agree with moreluck on better leadership, political party is moot. There are many things that could be done, should be done now.... yesterday.

    Blame Obama, blame Bush..... matters not, right now.

    Right now, we are witness to a remarkable change to the Gulf of Mexico with extraordinary consequences affecting millions.
  13. moreluck

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    I want to thank our beloved Messiah for providing so many varied "blame Obama" moments. I will take advantage any chance I get.....just like they did with Bush.
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    You haven't seen your opthamologist since Jan 20 2008.......Here, try these...they ought to fit ya great at your "drill baby drill" rallys sponsored by BP.....


    Wow, a post w/o evoking the name of Klein......But just for the record, the Messiah was elected by the people, Heaven had nothing to do with it. But you can go anoint yourself down by the Gulf Coast....I'm sure the effective residents won't mind.
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    I actually saw my optometrist within the last 2 weeks and my eyes are able to see through the facade of our so called president. Beware!
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    Did someone say "Transparency"...

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    It's hard to lose elections, isn't it?
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    You can tell us all about it in November !
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    Nah. Clinton was even better after '96.
  20. WITH RESPECT, kinda..........

    Can't you bozo's start your own political thread?

    I'm am far removed from the Gulf and completely unaffected.

    Please try and put your own egotistical, thoughtless reflections on hold.

    Maybe you should go outside and check the oil level in your car.