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    I completed an application as a PT package handler for Worldport and scheduled a "meeting" for Wednesday. I'm a PT scan co-coordinator (I manage to scan about 4k-6k barcode price tags in 4 hours) and cashier at a major grocery chain in KY and accomplished this at 17 years old. My managers think highly of me but I can't justify doing the amount of work I do for a red circled $7.50 hourly rate. I'm attempting to join UPS because I like the hours, I'm off weekends so I can still work my other job, and make enough money to take care of some major expenses in the coming months.

    That being said, what can I expect? Is it likely that I will be hired 6-8 months before my 18th birthday? After I attend the hiring seminar, what's next?
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    From my experience, your credentials don't mean anything to UPS. There are guys that work at my building who can't read. If you can pick up a box that is all that matters. When I got hired, which was quite a long time ago, I came to the building, they gave us a tour, a couple days later I came in filled out paper work, two weeks later I was in class, they teach you dumb sh it that doesn't matter, then by the end of the weak I was loading packages. Mentally it's not a hard job, it does take it's tole on your body though so be prepared for that. It's really not this glorious job that everyone makes it out to be, so don't think about it to much. Just show up.
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    Same with my current job. I just want out, everyone in my store puts up with far to much BS. We are heavily micromanaged to the point no one can do their job anymore thanks to a computer scheduling program and corporate grief over the smallest things on earth. Thought it was time to find an alternative.
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    You will love UPS-----there is no micro-managing to speak of and corporate lets the centers/hubs run their own operations. Plus you won't have to ask the customer if they want paper or plastic.
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    The grass is always greener
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    When I start, do I get the $10/11 an hour start pay without the .70 annual progression for 2013 and 2014?
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    Not sure I understand your question. If you get hired in July of 2014....How can u expect a 70cent raise that you would've gotten had you been working here in 2013?
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    Maybe he has a Hot Tub Time Machine?
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    I'd settle for just a hot