The hypocrisy of the GOP talking points....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Its amazing how the GOP / Republicans / right wing talk radio / fox news and this crowd, was ALL OVER the president when he used a drone strike to kill an American terrorists overseas. At that time, in concert with each other, the talk everyday for weeks was how the President violated the terrorists rights since he was an American citizen. The talking points went on for days about the president not giving the American terrorists his day in court, his Miranda rights, his right to legal representation, his right to face his accusers, his right to see evidence blah blah blah... All the real americans came to his defense. Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Peter King and the like were all over the sunday shows bashing OBama for the drone strike. All of them talked about Obama violating his constitutional rights as an American. Even this crowd jumped onto the bandwagon with the same nonsense. So to put it in a nutshell, American terrorist killed overseas, he has rights under the constitution and deserved a fair trial in an American courtroom. But after the boston bombing by two AMERICAN citizens, the same three pinheads ( McCain, Graham, King ) are all over the sunday shows and talk radio saying the surviving American terrorist should be considered an enemy combatant and held at gitmo. All of a sudden an American terrorist doesn't have rights under the constitution anymore. All of a sudden, an American terrorist can have an attorney, all of a sudden, an American terrorist cant be tried in a us court and has to have a military trial. All of a sudden, his due process goes away and he should be interrogated without counsel. Why does the republican party consist of such hypocrites?