The ironic & the extreme.

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    i was reading on tdu website that the number one contract point was over 9.5 issues for drivers.i thought it was pretty ironic that this was the first priority when i have always seen that almost every driver in the center i clerk for in the evenings sign up for friday after thanksgiving.any time there is extra work availble on saturdays f/t drivers sign up for that is really a company of extremes,p/t complain they dont get enough hours and drivers complain they get two many hours.22.3 get no o/t and drivers want o/t taken away,there is no middle the 9.5 issue really the biggest issue for drivers because from what i see drivers seem to want all the work they can get.
  2. old brown shoe

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    Not here most run and hide from having to work those extra days. It is then forced from the bottom up.
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    The ironic & the extreme.

    It's not so much the hours as it is the time I get off. A ten hour day is now 8pm. Every centers have drivers that take all they can get and drivers that could care less if they get the 8 hours. The majority sit in the middle though. We don't mind 9-9.5 hour days but u start pushing 11-12 days on us when it isn't peak and we have a problem with that.
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    I couldn't get Friday if I wanted it. The signup sheet was basically full, and almost everyone in the center is above me. Though we seem to have a plethora of guys with families.
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    Working 9.5 hours wasn't a big deal when we started at 8:10 or 8:20. This 9:15 crap is the problem. In my opinion, staring so late is the biggest problem we have. It effects everything we do.
  6. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    In my bldg we have to have our air pickups back by 8:45 to make a 9:00 shuttle to the airport. A 9.5 day for me (with an 8:30 start) is 7:00. How can entire centers have such late start times and still have their pieces make the plane on time?
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    Delivering a hand full of air packages the day after Thanksgiving or on Saturday isn't even the same job as delivering a 10 hour load during the week.

    Fighting a bricked out p1000 from 8 a.m. in the morning until 7 p.m. while trying to make your air commits and pickup windows is real work. Driving around with 15 air packages is gravy.
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    This is true but my personal time is worth more than a easy day at work. In my younger years I took the work a few times but can't buy back the time I missed with family and friends.
  9. Jones

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    My number one priority was the pension. I can deal with the OT for couple more years as long as there's a pile of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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    Pension was number one in the surveys here as well.