The Lost Gospels

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    Anglican Priest Peter Owen Jones takes a journey into the world of the Lost Gospels. Many people still have a kind of Da Vinci Code view of these lost codex but this goes well beyond that. Good view IMO for believer or non believer alike.

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    I have studied the Jesus Institute and various off-shoots from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi codices studies over the years.

    I have realized from my early teens that churches and canons were the works of man and not God.
    The Ah-ha moment for me was the realization that Christianity as we know it today was crystallized at a point in time when Constantine canonized a subset of gospels and religious material so that Christianity could be used as part of the government of the Roman Empire.

    Study and thought using all sources of spiritually inspired writings has strengthened my beliefs.
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    I love this stuff.... I found this on the internet so it must be true ?:

    Concerning manuscripts that were burned at the order of Constantine, there is really no mention of such a thing actually happening at the order of Constantine or at the Council of Nicea. The Arian party's document claiming Christ to be a created being, was abandoned by them because of the strong resistance to it and was torn to shreds in the sight of everyone present at the council. Constantine, and the Council of Nicea, for that matter, had virtually nothing to do with the forming of the canon. It was not even discussed at Nicea. The council that formed an undisputed decision on the canon took place at Carthage in 397, sixty years after Constantine's death. However, long before Constantine, 21 books were acknowledged by all Christians (the 4 Gospels, Acts, 13 Paul, 1 Peter, 1 John, Revelation). There were 10 disputed books (Hebrews, James, 2 Peter, 2-3 John, Jude, Ps-Barnabas, Hermas, Didache, Gospel of Hebrews) and several that most all considered heretical—Gospels of Peter, Thomas, Matthaias, Acts of Andrew, John, etc.

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    As to what is really true who knows but we should read and explore on. I do believe that Jesus said "Love me and love one another" and if you try and do that every day ( I usually fail in the first hour after waking ) you will be a good person and rewarded in the end.