The man behind ORION

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    Meet Vince, the genius behind ORION!

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    4.7 out of 10.
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    Do I wipe "front to back" or, visa versa?
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    Here's the real "man behind the curtain" of ORION - Jack Levis

    Jack Levis
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    Ugh...Jack's last line makes me shudder: "We've moved from being a trucking company (we are NOT a trucking company, Jack!) that uses technology, to being a technology company that HAPPENS TO HAVE trucks!" Dear lord, have mercy......

    I'll be honest, I like new tech. I get excited seeing how "enhancements" can help us. But if they are coming from that angle.......

    "Nobody knooooows, da twuhble I'm innnnnn...."
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    What is Orion? Serious question.
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    How is your ORION, Sober? Are you running the trace and is it saving you miles? How about other drivers in your center? Are they using it and saving miles?

    This question is for everyone currently using ORION. Are you adhering to the trace or are you switching to RDO? If you are adhering, are you seeing significant mileage reductions? Have you experienced any service failures or dealt with angry customers as a direct result your ORION compliance?
  9. Harry Manback

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    It's supposed to be EDD for Dummies. The only problem is that it's actually, EDD by Dummies.
  10. Brownslave688

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    The problem is cutting miles isn't always faster. I go through this on many rural routes. How did u do 250 miles and 70 stops both days but you were 1.5 hours later on one of those days. There's a big difference between 30-35 on gravel and 55-60 on blacktop.
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  12. Brownslave688

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    I love that everyone in the video for ups is very logical and understanding. Not how ups is at all. I loved oh we send an on call to the closest person but sometimes they may know something we don't and say no I can't get that. Lol yeah right that's how conversations go in IE world. Not the real world.
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    Well, let's start a conversation. Imagine this Jack was on BC and listening to your concerns. I know you're thinking, like, AJ, fat chance in hell. This guy is probably looking at property in Atlanta.

    Well, what if? After all, they listened to the "quitting smoking issue and the health care cost increase".

    What do you find to be good about Orion?
    What about Orion makes you want to find this guy and have a beer summit to discuss the evil Orion?
    Who do you think is not listening to your concerns about Orion?

    And the comment causing APettyJ to shudder about truckers...geez...look at the publication. It is written for computer and information geeks, not truck drivers.
  14. DS

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    Did anyone else notice that part in the video where the driver pointed out that the diad was telling him he was at the wrong location when in fact it was right?
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    I run less miles using RDO than I do running it in Orion so our center manager tells us now that we have to run 85% orion trace or if we are under 85% we have to beat the miles
  16. Brownslave688

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    Or else what?

    When u realize you'll be over on miles u call a tow truck and have them take u from stop to stop?
  17. soberups

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    They have been relooping my area in order to install ORION.

    The relooping process itself has devolved into a total custerfluck.

    I personally am not on ORION quite yet.

    I am now a "B" car in my new loop. The "A" car has ORION installed and it works OK for him.

    The "G" car in the loop next to me had ORION installed and on day 1 of his "implementation ride" they followed it until about 11:30 AM when it became apparent that (a) business stops would be missed (b) pickups would be missed and (c) the package car would run out of fuel around midnight with stops still left to do. They shut ORION off and I got to stay out until 8:00 helping the guy clean up the mess.

    About 2/3 of the routes on my center are now live on ORION. Some drivers like it and it seems to work pretty well for their routes. On other routes it is utterly useless and the driver simply switches it off and runs the route according to EDD or by personal area knowledge.

    At this point in time, to my knowledge nobody is being harassed over the desired 85% ORION compliance rate. There is a "beat the computer" sheet that gets posted every morning awarding brownie points to those who ran a high compliance rate or beat the projected mileage for the route the previous day, but if your ORION sucks and you turn it off nobody says anything to you.

    Bottom line: ORION is basically PAS/EDD on steroids. If properly implemented, it can be a benefit for a driver trying to run a route with minimal area knowledge. For a driver with many years of area knowledge, it is of no benefit at all and it doesnt save any miles.

    Garbage in, garbage out.
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    You guys where close but here is the real man behind Orion.

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    There is no 85% compliance while the Orion guys are still "testing" the system. Once they leave your building that's when the real fun begins.
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    My sup said if you can beat Orion's mileage then you can run the route however you want, no 85% if you can do better.